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ERIC.L.SCACE at adn.sprint.com ERIC.L.SCACE at adn.sprint.com
Tue May 17 12:40:15 EDT 1994

Mark --

   Sorry, I couldn't send this directly to you because there was no internet
address at the end of your message.

   In general, I think it is time for ARRL to abandon the present
free-transmitters in FD.  Originally I believe these were set up to encourage
people to experiment with then-new modes of communication.

   Certainly satellite and packet radio systems have been around for more than
10 years now.  Those who are interested have plenty of off-the-shelf books and
hardware to get them started as well as plenty of other people to show them
the way.

   A one-transmitter class should be exactly that: one transmitter!  If you
want to encourage novice/technician QSOs, maybe have a higher QSO point value
for QSO made by N/T in the N/T bands (like is done for CW vs Phone) rather
than a "free transmitter".

   The same can be done for VHF/UHF/microwave whatever, if it is felt that
there is some benefit to encouraging these activities in the field.

   This leaves the question of how to use the current "one transmitter on the
air" in the wisest possible fashion as a strategy decision for each FD teams.

   Good luck on this one....

-- Eric BY1/K3NA

Eric.L.Scace at ADN.Sprint.Com

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