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>Roundup.  The point is, there should be some sort of 'introductory' contest
>for beginners.  Hopefully it would be set up in a way that these beginners
>would get bit by 'the bug' and become contesters for life. 

The definition of the "target audience" is a bit vague. The word "beginner" 
doesn't tell me very much. Do we mean:
1. Someone who has done little contesting;
2. Someone who has a low license class;
3. Someone who has had a license for only a short time.

Each one of these would place different requirements on the design of a 
successful contest. The rest of the posting seems to imply that we are 
talking about item number 2, but I would like to be clear that that is 
really what the board of directors asked for; or is it instead someone's 
interpretation of what the board asked for?

It seems that our chance of hitting the target will be increased if everyone 
agrees on where the target is....

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Hi Everyone, 

I have just been advised to join this list, as a forum for 
Contest Information etc., while I am looking mainly for contest 
rules, dates etc., I wonder if there is an FTP site for them, or 
anything like that. 


Mike G7OBS 
Hoddesdon RC Contest Desk

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