BillK5GA at BillK5GA at
Sat May 28 17:31:58 EDT 1994


>From Beryl D. Simonson" <KE3GA at  Sun May 29 20:47:01 1994
From: Beryl D. Simonson" <KE3GA at (Beryl D. Simonson)
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 15:47:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CQ Magazine
Message-ID: <01HCX0LEVCMG8Y8RND at>

Has anyone had the problem with CQ WPX that I have?

Last year I Federal Expressed my CQ WPX log to CQ.  I never appeared in the
standings, and they later said the log was not received.

This year, I Federal Expressed the log along with a return enveope to
indicate receipt.  The envelope was never returned.  I checked with Fed Ex
who said the package was delivered.

I tried faxing several times to confirm receipt, but never received a

Am I doing something wrong?  Next year I may try sending by email

Tnx, Beryl
 Beryl D. Simonson             Internet        KE3GA at DELPHI.COM
 Wynnewood, PA 19096           PacketCluster   KE3GA at WB2YOF
                    Frankford Radio Club

>From ANDY MITCHELL, VA3CW" <AMITCHELL at GC1.GEORCOLL.ON.CA  Mon May 30 01:09:28 1994
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 20:09:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CQ WPX CW High Claim
Message-ID: <940529200928.2421eba7 at GC1.GEORCOLL.ON.CA>

VX3BB - Multi-Single - High Power


Total= 1,846,572

QSL's via VE3GCB.

73 es tks to all!

Central Ontario DX Enthusiasts

>From robert penneys <penneys at>  Mon May 30 01:10:28 1994
From: robert penneys <penneys at> (robert penneys)
Date: Sun, 29 May 94 20:10:28 EDT
Subject: WPX results
Message-ID: <9405300010.AA21541 at>

Borrowed an FT-1000D, an FT-530 and other goodies for the weekend.
Spent about a third of the time I would have liked in the contest.

20M only, low power.... 347Q  266M   126,616 total

CU  Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K   Frankford Radio Club  Internet: penneys at
Work: Ham Radio Outlet (Delaware) (800) 644-4476;  fax (302) 322-8808
Mail at home:  12 East Mill Station Drive   Newark, DE 19711  USA

>From Roy Hradilek <73374.2465 at CompuServe.COM>  Mon May 30 01:22:26 1994
From: Roy Hradilek <73374.2465 at CompuServe.COM> (Roy Hradilek)
Date: 29 May 94 20:22:26 EDT
Subject: WPX at AD5Q 20 Meter Score
Message-ID: <940530002225_73374.2465_DHS76-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Single band 20, High Power -- AD5Q
KT34-XA @ 104 ft

1317 x 610 = 1,141,920 (lots of zero point'rs)

>From James White <0006492564 at>  Mon May 30 01:25:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564 at> (James White)
Date: Sun, 29 May 94 19:25 EST
Subject: Flares Suck!
Message-ID: <74940530002547/0006492564PK3EM at>

After a great start the flare and the thunder storms rendered us

WC4E (Multi-Single) 3.1M.......1765 Q/700 Mults ......great start on 40
first night with back to back 95 hours....things looked great....til the

Spent second day digging out w's and ve's on 20 sounded just
like 80 or 160...I swear...not a fun second day.

CUL...please spread this rumor and other m-s rumors!

Jim K1zx     K1ZX at

>From k3lr <k3lr at>  Mon May 30 02:54:06 1994
From: k3lr <k3lr at> (k3lr)
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 21:54:06 -0400
Subject: WPX Scores
Message-ID: <199405300154.VAA06361 at>

A few of the boys came over this weekend to work the contest.  Here is
what happened at Station K3LR:

10 meters K3UA single band  10 hours oping
          137 QSOs   113 mults     16,000 points

15 meters WR3G single band  18 hours oping
          501 QSOs   313 mults    162,500 points

20 meters NI8L single band  15 hours oping
          949 QSOs   455 mults   1,045,000 points

40 meters K3LR (WX3N op) single band  1 hour
           72 QSOs    57 mults      19,000 points (low power)

WR3G operated most of the weekend, sticking it out when things were
very bad.

NI8L and K3UA stopped when the K index went to 5 Saturday around 22Z

WX3N was passing by on Interstate 80 and stopped at the K3LR rest
area, made some Q's caught 4 hours of sleep and traveled onto K%ZD's

It was fun to watch.......

Back to the antenna projects!

Tim K3LR

K3LR at

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at  Mon May 30 04:48:38 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 20:48:38 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: WPX CW
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9405292038.A3736-9100000 at bach>

Well, Mr. Coronal Hole sure took care of us again, didn't he?  We were
having another one of our 20-meter low-power derbies up here in
Washington, but attendance fell right off after Saturday morning.  Friday
night sure was fun, world-wide.

390 Q, 266 M = 201k 20-m, low-power

This weekend is surely cursed by the Propagation Gods...what is it, four
bad years out of the last five?  Pshaw!

73, Ward N0AX

>From F5JTL aka WX3W <f5jtl at>  Mon May 30 05:33:06 1994
From: F5JTL aka WX3W <f5jtl at> (F5JTL aka WX3W)
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 22:33:06 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: WX3W (WPX CW)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9405292234.A33693-0100000 at>

Here are the results from WX3W (ops: AA5B, AI9X, K9RS, WX3W):

1706 Qs x 649 PFXs = 2,824,448 pts 

Station was K9RS's.

73 de F5JTL/WX3W

>From Celia Tony Becker <becker at>  Mon May 30 05:58:45 1994
From: Celia Tony Becker <becker at> (Celia Tony Becker)
Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 21:58:45 -0700
Subject: WPX CW results for AE0M
Message-ID: <199405300458.VAA29758 at>

                       (sent to sdb at
                       CQ WORLD WIDE WPX CONTEST  1994
      Call: AE0M, (At KI6CG)         Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator
      Class: High Power

      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80        0        0   0.0        0
       40      431      982   2.3      174
       20      447      299   0.7      208
       15      189      124   0.7       52
       10        4       12   3.0        3

     Totals   1071     1417   1.3      437  =   619,229

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:
TS-930, SB220, 286 running CT ver. 8.19
2el 40 M yagi linear loaded at 65'
6el Tribander at 70'

Club Affiliation: Northern Califonia Contest Club

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _____Anthony_J._Becker___________


Snail mail:    Anthony J. Becker  AE0M
               3273 B. Rocky Water Lane
               San Jose, CA 95148
Email:         becker at
Telephone:     (408) 223-6102 eve.
               (408) 748-1984 day

>From Ed Russell <76505.1730 at CompuServe.COM>  Mon May 30 12:02:29 1994
From: Ed Russell <76505.1730 at CompuServe.COM> (Ed Russell)
Date: 30 May 94 07:02:29 EDT
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <940530110229_76505.1730_DHI21-2 at CompuServe.COM>


>From kitagawa at ee.ES.Osaka-U.AC.JP (masa JH3PRR)  Mon May 30 13:02:03 1994
From: kitagawa at ee.ES.Osaka-U.AC.JP (masa JH3PRR) (masa JH3PRR)
Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 21:02:03 +0900
Subject: VPED ver 1.05 PHONE Pile-up Trainer has been released
Message-ID: <199405301202.AA2729254715 at>

Dear Contesters,

VPED ver 1.05 voice pile-up trainter for IBM-PC + Sound Blaster has
been released by JE3MAS MasIII Hiroyuki Kozu. This is a phone version
of PED. Enjoy phone contests and DX-peditions in virtual world, and
don't forget to call us in the real WW phone!

					*--- *- ***-- --** --- ****
					masa JH3PRR // Mt.RF JA3ZOH
					*--- **** ***-- *--* *-* *-*
How to obtain VPED?

[FTP]	You can always get the latest version of VPED by anonymous ftp
from the primary archive site;
	IP address:
	directory:	/pub/radio/vped
	filename:	(ver 1.05, for example)

[Mail]	You can also get VPED by mail. Send mail

	To: ped-request at

with body lines,


to get through from which you can
reproduce See instructions given at the beginning of the
first file. If you don't have UUDECODE or UNZIP, see the Appendix.

How to exchange information about VPED? (PED Mailing List)

Other useful commands you can mail to the above address include;
	help		(help for available commands)
	index		(index of available files)
	info		(info about PED Mailing List, PED, and VPED)
	subscribe	(subscribe to PED Mailing List)

We have created the PED Mailing List for PED/VPED users to help each
other, exchange information and share knowhow. You are welcome. The
author is also subscribing to the list and communicating with the
users, but he is NEVER OBLIGED TO SUPPORT users in any sense.

The manuals probably need improvements. Your feedbacks are welcome.
Send them to PED Mailing List <PED at QED.LASER.EE.ES.OSAKA-U.AC.JP>.

VPED would be much real if you can use voices from nine different
persons. The maintainer of PED archive is planning to make a common
place to exchange your VD files. If you don't mind, please contribute
your own VD file to the archive. The announce will be made when the
place is ready. Stay tuned!

Appendix: How to obtain UUDECODE and UNZIP?

If you get PED/VPED files by mail, you need UUDECODE. If you don't
have it, you can get it by sending mail

	To: ped-request at

with body lines,

	get uudecode.doc
	get uudecode.dbg

Save UUDECODE.DBG on your DOS and feed it to DEBUG (which should be on
almost all DOS) by typing


This will make UUDECODE.COM in a minute.

Just in case you don't have UNZIP, you can get it from the same place
in the same manner with the body line,


------------------- Excerpt from VPED.TXT -----------------------------
>>>>>>>> Voice-Pileup  trainer Vped.exe   Ver 1.05i  by JE3MAS <<<<<<<<
                              Copyright(C) 1994  MasIII H.Kozu
   /*  This is a free software.   It can be freely distributed.  */
  | This is a Voice-pileup trainer for IBM PC/AT and Sound Blaster(*)|
  | users.                                                           |
  | You can run an 8 station pileup as long as you like.             |
|    1)Vped requires a fast IBM PC/AT.
|     (Auther's machine is 386SX 33MHz. I haven't checked how slow it can go.)
|    2)Vped cannot run in the DOS window of MS-Windows(*).
|    3)Vped cannot go along with the TSRs or device drivers which hook timer
|      interrupt(INT 8).
|    4)Vped requires XMS driver.(HIMEM.SYS etc.)
|    5)Vped requires at least 2004Kbytes of free protect memories.
	--------------- DETAILS OMITTED --------------
MasIII H.Kozu
room 906,10-20,Chuo 3-chome,


>From James Brooks <0005851359 at>  Mon May 30 14:20:00 1994
From: James Brooks <0005851359 at> (James Brooks)
Date: Mon, 30 May 94 08:20 EST
Message-ID: <02940530132020/0005851359NA4EM at>

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1994

      Call: 9V1YC                    Country:  Singapore
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator Low Power


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80        1        6   6.0        0
       40      284      820   2.9       45
       20     1233     3083   2.5      417
       15      191      313   1.6       52
       10        0        0   0.0        0

     Totals   1709     4222   2.5      514  =   2,170,108

WOW!  Even with absolutely the worst conditions I've ever seen
in ANY contest EVER, I had one of those "miracle" non-stop
130-hour openings into Europe that never quit late night Sunday.
Europe was screaming in like I've never heard. 

North America, on the other hand, was barely there.  As expected,
100 watts just doesnt cut it over the pole.  Never will.

Hope the good folks at CQ list us in Asia this year.  Two years
running we've been wrongly listed in the results as Oceania.  
If, however, they would like to consider us as Oceania, I will be
only too happy to re-score my log.  :-)

- James  9V1YC

9V1YC at

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