bmichaud at VNET.IBM.COM bmichaud at VNET.IBM.COM
Tue May 31 12:35:14 EDT 1994

W1IHN S/O 100W

QSO's     QSO Points     Prefixes      Final Score
332       618            231           142,758

Total Operating Time: 12H 07M

Equipment: TS-850/S, HF-6V (4 radials, ground mounted), G5RV

Comments: Incredible line noise Friday night/Saturday morning--started
at S3 and peaked at S9, and disappeared completely Sunday!!! Lots of fun
even though rarely have a chance to operate WPX/CW--daughter's birthday
on the 30th and we've always gone away to celebrate. Tnx all.

>From Ed Russell <76505.1730 at CompuServe.COM>  Tue May 31 18:08:30 1994
From: Ed Russell <76505.1730 at CompuServe.COM> (Ed Russell)
Date: 31 May 94 13:08:30 EDT
Subject: AA2PZ WPX Results
Message-ID: <940531170830_76505.1730_DHI115-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Single Op, Multi Band:

807 Q's, 492 Mults for 792k 

in about 20 hours, using FT1000-D, Alpha 87A, wire antennas, 486-33,

and W5XD's WriteLog for Windows 7.0. The program is amazing! You've got to try it!

73 de Ed, AA2PZ

>From D. Leeson" <0005543629 at mcimail.com  Tue May 31 19:06:00 1994
From: D. Leeson" <0005543629 at mcimail.com (D. Leeson)
Date: Tue, 31 May 94 13:06 EST
Subject: Yagi Failures
Message-ID: <10940531180601/0005543629NA3EM at mcimail.com>

It occurred to me that I haven't seen very much compiled information on HF 
Yagi antenna failures.  I'm interested in data about HF Yagis or LPs of yours 
that have failed due to wind, ice or whatever.

I'd like your stories in the following format, if you would, please:

Type     Failure   How failed                            Cause
KT34XA   Boom      Boom broke upward at center           Updraft wind
HG 40-2  El clamp  El clamp bent, vee'd refl broke boom  110 mi/h wind
155BA    El tips   Tips bent, ropes fell out             Ice, 100 wind
205BA    El joint  El fell out of inner joint            Hose clamp
40-2CD   El-boom   El rotates on boom                    El-bm clamp
10M7     Boom-mast Bm-mast plate broke off               Fatigue crack
205BA    El tip    Tip fell out                          Tiny hose clmp
TH7      Feed      Feed strap fatigued, broke            Boom twist

All of you contesters must have similar experiences.  I thought it would 
help focus new work on antenna design to have some anecdotal records.  If you 
want to add comments or details, please feel free.

Reply to me at dleeson at mcimail.com, or if you're on MCI Mail: D. Leeson.  
Please don't use reflector bandwidth for replies; I'll summarize.

Thanks de Dave, W6QHS     dleeson at mcimail.com

>From Dick Dievendorff" <dieven at almaden.ibm.com  Tue May 31 19:19:00 1994
From: Dick Dievendorff" <dieven at almaden.ibm.com (Dick Dievendorff)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 11:19:00 -0700
Subject: WPX - AA6MC
Message-ID: <9405311119.ZM4320 at penguin.almaden.ibm.com>

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1994

      Call: AA6MC                    Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator High Power


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80       72      396   5.5        7
       40      424     1988   4.7      113
       20      763     1283   1.7      410
       15        8       14   1.8        4
       10        0        0   0.0        0
     Totals   1267     3681   2.9      534  =   1,965,654

Equipment Description: 2 x ICOM-761, 1 Ameritron AL-1200
                       Force-12: 6-el 20 meter @ 90'
                                 3-el 40 meter on same boom,
                                 rotary dipole on 80 @ 98'
                                 4BA for 15/10 @ 104

Club Affiliation: Northern California Contest Club


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