I want your WPX CW scores!!

KA9FOX at aol.com KA9FOX at aol.com
Tue May 31 16:10:52 EDT 1994

Because of the time of day and an approaching thunderstorm (S9+ static),
WB5VZL was only able to get 3 scores from 3.830.  So, if you have not already
posted your score to the CQ-CONTEST reflector, please send me a personal
e-mail to ka9fox at aol.com with your WPX CW score.  I will take the scores
posted to the reflector and combine them with scores e-mailed to me and then
post the results to the reflector.

Remember, I need to know:

Callsign of station and operators (I'll list ops of multi efforts if I have
Class (single op, single-op assisted, M/S, Multi)
Power (high, low, QRP)
Score (QSO, Mults, Total Score)

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com

P.S.  Spent all day Saturday & Sunday boating/camping with the new YL in my
life (read:  No WPX operation for KA9FOX).  For more information on this
'contest-crashing' YL, request the text file BABE.UPDATE.33 via e-mail.  :-)

>From k3lr <k3lr at telerama.lm.com>  Tue May 31 21:22:12 1994
From: k3lr <k3lr at telerama.lm.com> (k3lr)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 16:22:12 -0400
Subject: Bits
Message-ID: <199405312022.QAA18045 at epicycle.lm.com>

No problems with the new TIC controllers, they work great.  With 7 of
them in the air (all large rings) only one box had a power supply
failure.  The indicators are rock solid and accurate.  We are
installing 4 more rings this summer.

Used the FT1000 a bit to listen on 40 meters this past weekend.  The
receive audio was great with a pair of JRC headphones.

Not a fan of Rustoleum to paint galvanized towers like Rohn 25.  The
paint will peel soon after it is applied.  Cold-Gal paint is great for
touch up.  If the tower has rust on it, a local galvanizing house can
make it look like new.  Our local place charges $85.00 to dip 300
pounds of tower.  The only problem is if the tower is old, the insides
of the pipe legs can be in bad shape (holes/cracks) and you will never
know it.

Tim K3LR

K3LR at telerama.lm.com

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