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subject says it all, sri!   Uli, DL2HBX

>From Dave Hawes <34703 at>  Wed Nov  2 12:11:22 1994
From: Dave Hawes <34703 at> (Dave Hawes)
Date: 2 Nov 94 08:11:22 EDT
Subject: CT Keyboard Delay
Message-ID: <AAF1425629C at>

Dave, G4BUO wrote:

> At G0KPW we found the reason for the keyboard delay was too low a POLL value.
> It takes a long time for the FT1000 to send all its data to the PC. When you
> are multi-multi there is plenty of other traffic on the network, and it is
> surprising that CT gets a chance to do anything else, even with 486-66
> machines. We ended up using the POLL command to set the value to 30. As I
> recall this value is not saved in the BIN file so if you restart CT, you
> need to enter the command again.

Same goes for the TS-950SDX.  At N3RS we ran the '950 station with POLL
set to 15.  By the way, we could find NO EFFECT AT ALL of this setting,
other than the fact that if it's too low, you get the annoying keyboard
delay.  For CW, we may push POLL up to 1000!

73 - Dave, N3RD

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>From Willy Umanets <uw9ar at>  Wed Nov  2 23:35:27 1994
From: Willy Umanets <uw9ar at> (Willy Umanets)
Date: Wed,  2 Nov 94 18:35:27 -0500
Subject: UN2L CQWWPh'94
Message-ID: <AA_82kkSK2 at>

Hi gang,

UN2L (UA9BA op.) single band 80m in CQWWPh'94

636Q 27Z 85C est. score of abt 200k.

Few comments:
First 4 hrs, including one of the two sunrises at 0255Z, produced only 45Q
not cuz of propagation but cuz of feedline problem to the 32m tall vertical.
It was hardly delivering .3A into the antenna. After replacement of 300m coax
I had about 2 Amperes going into the antenna.
The loudest signal from USA this time was W6RJ (s9+10dB at 1240Z on Sat.).
Next to Bob was Dale - K6UA, abt 6dB down. Next layer occupied by K0RF, W6AKP/5
W6OG abt. 15 to 20dB down from 'RJ.
As long as East coast I only heard four stations this time. N4ZC and W4PZV
the first morning w/QRP on my side, so no blame on you guys for having not
answered my calls. And N2RM & W3LPL the other morning (Sun.). N2RM came back
to me on a second call while 'LPL had to spend 23 minutes digging it out. Both
'RM and 'LPL sounded abt the same readability wise, but strengthwise 'LPL was pro
bably an S unit louder (hard to tell when the signals are just barely above the
noise level) Frank needs to get a higher pitched audio rig next time on 80m for
phone contest. I am sure guys like KC1XX and other big guns would've been heard
in zone 17 had they stayed above 3.800 like 'RM and 'LPL did. The noise level
above 3.802 here was s3-s4 w/very few spots QRM'd by non amateur stations, while
down below the band it was hard to find a spot w/noise level under s7 cuz of
all the Eu sigs.
CONGRATS to PJ1B, J3A, FG5FC and PY2DP that I managed to work the first morning
w/few watts into the antenna. BTW, PJ1B was the loudest SA signal along w/YW5P
both abt s9 arnd sunrise here. VP2EC, ZF2JI, V26B, J6DX, 8R1K were all abt s6-7.
Well, that's it folks!

Hey, Eric -K3NA, how are you guys coming on WRTC'95? Haven't heard from
you in a while.


73, Willy, UA9BA
JV "Challenger Ltd"                 phone : 351-260-0190
Internet : uw9ar at       fax   : 351-237-1756

>From Rus Healy <0006147675 at>  Wed Nov  2 13:36:00 1994
From: Rus Healy <0006147675 at> (Rus Healy)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 94 08:36 EST
Subject: Anyone hear HC8A's score?
Message-ID: <44941102133644/0006147675NA2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

>From my brief operating period on Sunday morning, it sounded like HC8
was relatively unaffected by the propagation that the rest of us were
suffering with. Anyone hear their numbers?

--73, Rus, NJ2L

rhealy at

>From Mike Hance <75127.1603 at>  Wed Nov  2 14:42:30 1994
From: Mike Hance <75127.1603 at> (Mike Hance)
Date: 02 Nov 94 09:42:30 EST
Subject: Summary YAESU DVS-2
Message-ID: <941102144230_75127.1603_FHI78-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Well all, looks like we're stuck without a good fix for the DVS-2.  Below are
the replys I received to my question.  Looks like I will install a DVP as $$$

73 and thanks for your responses!


Hi Mike - Welcome to YAESU and the DVS-2.  I have seen/heard of this problem
from several users but have heard of no mod to correct the problem.  There is
a YAESU 990 and 1000 owner users group on internet that may have info.  I had
a DVS-2 on my 1000D and had the same problem. I just used to take the monitor
out of line when using the DVS-2.  Sorry for no majic answers but as Mr.
Clinton would say "I feel your pain".  

I will look for any DVS cures in the user group archieve and post them if


Ran into the same problem with the FT1000.  Seems the dimwits who
designed the DVS-2 couldn't be bothered with piping it _through_ the
monitor control, instead of around it.  Simplest solution:  Throw out
the DVS-2 & use a K1EA DVP or LTA Voice Blaster. <G>

Otherwise, the ONLY choice is to do some surgery on the 890 itself.
I don't remember what the fix is (and I didn't actually do it, since
the -1000 wasn't mine), but, by a detailed study of the schematics, 
I did find what appeared to be a simple fix...

NW1U (Paul) at HRO Hew Hampshire may still have my notes - it was 
his radio.

Paul NX1H

>From Richard F. DiDonna" <rdidonna at  Wed Nov  2 13:50:56 1994
From: Richard F. DiDonna" <rdidonna at (Richard F. DiDonna)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 09:50:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: stations in SW VA
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411020909.A2864-0100000 at>

Hey there.  Glad to finally find my way to the reflector.

Does anybody know of any decent stations for contest operating in SW 
Virginia?  I've read too many scores from WW and previews of SS to be 
left out in the woods any longs.

By the way, for those of you who are about to suggest DC area, DC is 
about 3.5 hours from where I am.  The town of Lexington is located in the 
middle of nowhere, half way between Charlottesville and Roanoke.

See you in the test??

Rich KI6ZH

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