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Wed Nov 2 22:25:42 EST 1994

Hello fellows!
I will put the IG9/IV3TAN's 80 meters CQWW score in the next days (Alberto
is now at home and has his 486 with him);
Now, I can announce only that it should be the new African record, the
attempt to beat the world record owned by P40R failed due to poor propaga-
tion during the second day. Alberto will make a comment on his partecipation.
Antennas were two inverted vee abt 60 meters above the sea, a slooper and
a delta loop; the radio was a TS940 with an old SB220. Power line was very
poor (200 V) and we hope to have a better condition next time.
Who wish to come with me for CQWW DX CW ?!

73s de Fabio, IT9GSF (IT9A/IU9A).

>From jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Wed Nov  2 22:50:03 1994
From: jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 14:50:03 -0800
Subject: rotten audio and N4KG feed
Message-ID: <9411021450.ZM28263 at hpwsmjh.cup.hp.com>

I think the rotten audio is fixed ... I'll find out for sure 11/19 - ssb ss.
Sorry I lost my notes on all who responded, but thanks very much. Some
of the replies were very thoughtful and gave me a number of things to
look at. Thanks guys!.

Still not much help, so I put in good ground ... copper pipe on the back 
of the station table, all equipment grounded to the pipe with RG-8 braid 
or #10 wire. The pipe was grounded via a 4 1/2 ft. piece of RG-17 braid ... 
yes RG-17 ... had some left over after running the feedline from the amp :-).
Still problems. Called Ten-Tec and after some discussion, they sent a
TX audio board. Still not good on 20 meters. Finally put a 1/4 wave 
radial on the transciever and all seems fine now. I didn't get any complaints
during last weekends futility exercise. I did find one thing that might
be of interest. I wanted to solder the RG-17 braid to the ground rod, but
it was somewhat oxidized. Figuring out how to clean it, I tried some
Revere stainless and copper cleaner for pots and pans. Poured some on, 
scrubbed a bit with a brush and it was nice and clean!
Thanks all who responded to the N4KG question. I'll be reading the article
tonight in QST.

See you all on ss CW, but I'll be a little slow ... please bear with me.

73, Jim, WA6SDM
jholly at cup.hp.com

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