K6ZH SS CW, I know you can hardly wait

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Mon Nov 7 17:28:09 EST 1994

Well, since everyone else has tossed their SS score into the ring:

K6ZH, low power, single op, SDG section

875 Qs x 77 sections = 135K, 22 hours

I was using my new antenna farm this year--the 40-2CD over TH-7 at 60 feet;
made a big difference (compared to previous TH-3 and dipoles)!  Also have a
new (to me) TS-930S with filters "optimized" for contest operation.  I had
some good runs, especially on Sat, on all bands except 80, but couldn't
sustain anything on Sunday.  I started Saturday on 10 meters--the band was
wide open, but few customers, so I scurried down to 15 and was already
behind the power curve.

KL7 was my last section on Sunday afternoon, but the QSO was *very*
difficult, and I wasn't sure I'd gotten the call right.  I agonized over
what to do, pointed my beam NW, and hunted for another KL7.   Later, I
happened to hear the guy again and confirmed the call (KL7/N7DF).  Whew!
All of the other sections, except KH6, called me, including both VY1JA (QSO
#13) and VE8RCS.  The KH6 was next to last section, the next to next to
last was VT.

If the KL7 thing had gone differently, I would have made at least 900 Qs,
but I wasted a lot of time, desperately trying to finish off the Sweep--I
*really* want another coffee cup :-)

Anywho, it's the best I've ever done from my own station by far, so no
complaints.  I might even win SDG low power for a change--the normal
competition (W6UQF) was elsewhere this year!

73--Jim, K6ZH

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