Reflector Postings (Results)

Gerard Jendraszkiewicz jend at
Tue Oct 4 15:55:47 EDT 1994

I am in favor of seeing individual results. This provides a band by band 
break down for Q's and other interesting insites on what the operator(s) 
were using/doing during the contests. Keep the individual results comming. 
Was this not the intent of a "Contest" reflector ?? 
This is where all the time, sweat and effort pay off, to see how you and 
your station stack up against other competitors. Where you station or 
antennas are weak and how to do better in future contests. I vote keep the 
score comming and the comments ! A sanitized numerical listing is ok too to 
see the overall picture, but it does nothing for the real "what happened 
during" !

73 Jerry, KE9I

jend at

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