Scores -- send them to me

Tue Oct 4 19:19:48 EDT 1994

GARLOUGH at writes:
  > For this to work, some folks will need to 
  > step forward and volunteer  during the days 
  > before contests to collect the scores via 
  > email, and  then make daily postings of 
  > claimed scores to cq-contest for the 
  > following  week, then maybe give a weekly 
  > update for the following two weeks.           

I have been volunteering to summarize many of the ARRL DX, CQWW, NCJ Sprint,
North American QSO Party and Wisconsin QSO Party (hoo-boy!) rumors.  George
WB5VZL was previously handling most of this work, but I've been giving him a
break.  I can tell you that it takes quite a bit of time to organize the
first posting, especially when scores on 3830 come in as QSOs x Mults only
(meaning I get to multiply them all out).  For the most part, it is a
thankless job... meaning that rarely does anyone ever drop a note to say "hey
thanks, that was cool."  However, I LOVE doing it, and I will continue to do
it so long as I have the time to help out.

Since feedback is rare, I'm wondering if you all like the way I've been doing
the summaries.  Is there information missing?  I started doing Top 10 boxes
for Q's and mults for Sprint & NAQPs... nobody seemed to notice... you like?
 Trey mentioned daily updates for the first week after the contest.  Is that
TOO OFTEN?  In the past, I'd been doing about every 2/3 days, depending on
the number of new/changed scores received.

Lemme know your thoughts and I'll "summarize" the reponses to the score
"summaries"  ;-)

Oh, someone wanna take CQWW SSB rumor duties?  I'll be out of the country for
the first time in my life (PJ7 & KP4).

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at

P.S.  Babelist subscribers... hang on - a new babelist will be issued this

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