Follow-up on Voice Blaster Interface

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Sun Oct 9 21:29:52 EDT 1994

  Herewith, a retraction of my statement about the K8CC Voice Blaster 
Interface schematic.  Dumb software guys, you know.  It turns out the 
1:1 isolation transformer is very much orientable, and I oriented it 
backwards.  Once I put it in with the primary connected to the sound 
blaster speaker output, everything started working...sort of.  The 
2200 ohm resister Dave specified in series with the Sound Blaster
speaker output is a little too weak for me to use along with my Heil
DX microphone element.  Using it this way is sure to bring the old 
DXers out of the woodwork, screaming "You're splattering!"  Closer to 
about 5K seems to match the Heil up with the Blaster a little better.  
I'm going to go to a 5K pot on instead of the 2200 fixed resister.  
Also, I've got a miserable problem with hum I've got to figure how 
to clear up.  I guess a first order effort will be to use shielded wire 
everywhere there's an audio signal, both inside and outside my box.  
After that???
  My unit is now asserting both pin 4 and pin 20 on the COM port when
playing back, so there must have been a loose connection somewhere
earlier.  In other words, everything working OK except for all the hum.
As I types!!!
                                  Bruce, AA6KX

>From jeffrey (j.) wittich" <jwittich at  Mon Oct 10 13:12:00 1994
From: jeffrey (j.) wittich" <jwittich at (jeffrey (j.) wittich)
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 08:12:00 -0400
Subject: Question about CQWW DX results
Message-ID: <"5981 Mon Oct 10 08:16:16 1994">

Hi guys.  Here I am, looking at the CW results of the CQWW DX
test, and I am confused (nothing out of the ordinary).

In the October issue of CQ on page 27, middle column, call 
district 4, low power listings, the 4th score (station W4YN)
doesn't seem correct.  With only one third the number of Qs,
zones, countries of the next couple of entries, how did he get
so many points?

Here is a short excerp of the listing, for those without the
magazine handy:

K4FPF   A   438,372   483   79   245
KC4TEO  A   292,098   412   77   190
K4OAQ   A   282,846   370   75   207
W4YN    A   274,541   110   28   80     <<<  why so many points?  
N8LM/4  A   236,808   329   76   188
W4KY    A   229,376   330   74   182
AC4ZO   A   172,656   298   62   156
N6MW/4  A   115,413   200   68   151
KA4IKH  A    45,628   149   39    83
W4ZYT   A    35,938   116   42    77
AA4KD   A    30,590   109   44    71
AC4ZD   A    23,226    90   34    64
AC4PQ   A    13,536    70   23    49

Any ideas?

Thanks,  73,  

jwittich at   *** CW ops let their fingers do the talking.
AC4ZO           *** BNR claims they know nothing of my employment here.

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