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Tue Oct 18 11:19:50 EDT 1994

Hi Kurt, nice to see meail from you here on CQ-Contest! Since you brought it up, any chance 

we can exchange CQWW-CW logs from 1993? Looks like it was a real close one!!
What are your plans for the WW this year??

73, J.P.
>I believe that KR1R is correct in keeping the contest logs private.  It
>really serves no useful purpose to make them public and can only open
>a Pandora's Box for the Contest Department.  I have traded computer
>files of logs with K1AR, KM9P, KC1F, N6BV, K7GM, W1WEF, and others
>and have never been refused.  If your intent is to learn from someone
>else's logs, most contesters are willing to help.  If your intent is to
>find errors or faults with someone else's log, then you probably won't
>get the help.  If you are curious about someone else's log, ask them
>for a copy in exchange for yours.  It works if you have the right
>intentions.    -- Kurt, W1PH   (w1ph at

J.P. Kleinhaus, AA2DU
ARRL Hudson Division C.A.C. Representative
E-mail:  aa2du at
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Compu$erve:  74660,2606

TVI???  What TVI???

>From dul at (Ken)  Tue Oct 18 16:03:43 1994
From: dul at (Ken) (Ken)
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 11:03:43 -0400
Subject: Alpha 77Dx for sale
Message-ID: <199410181500.AA03971 at>

FOR SALE:   Alpha 77Dx   with spare Eimac 8877 (both tubes give full output),
		original manual, original shipping cartons, non-smoker, panels
		have no scratches or dents, I ship  $3200.

	    Ken K8ZR	daytime phone:  810-524-4167
			evening phone:  810-344-7176
	    QTH: Detroit, MI

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