VE's below 3750.

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Sat Oct 22 18:36:27 EDT 1994

>From K2ZJ <JVCARIOTI at>  Mon Oct 24 12:19:32 1994
From: K2ZJ <JVCARIOTI at> (K2ZJ)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 7:19:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: TS930 problem
Message-ID: <941024071932.2da05d2e at>

>From vore at (Dave Vore - Educational Liaison)  Mon Oct 24 14:32:22 1994
From: vore at (Dave Vore - Educational Liaison) (Dave Vore - Educational Liaison)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 09:32:22 -0400
Subject: ic-765 receiver problem

>From fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Oct 24 16:33:43 1994
From: fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 08:33:43 -0700
Subject: VE's below 3750
Message-ID: <199410241533.AA21528 at>

>From Scott J Bauer" <sjb at  Mon Oct 24 16:34:39 1994
From: Scott J Bauer" <sjb at (Scott J Bauer)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 11:34:39 -0400
Subject: ARRL DX
Message-ID: <199410241534.LAA22610 at>

>From fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Oct 24 17:44:00 1994
From: fish at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 09:44:00 -0700
Subject: Force-12 80m dipole
Message-ID: <199410241644.AA01837 at>

>From Victor Burns-KI6IM <vburns at>  Mon Oct 24 19:01:15 1994
From: Victor Burns-KI6IM <vburns at> (Victor Burns-KI6IM)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 11:01:15 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: V31DX-Cuba Libre Contest Club
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9410241052.A27887-0100000 at netcom14>

As a solute to the national drink, Rum and Coke with a lime (Cuba Libre)
V31DX will certianly be operating CQWW SSB a little more lax than usual: 
we lost a tower, so if we sound a little out of control it's because we 
are.  As it was once said by an friend, "you guys don't contest like 
gentlemen", to which we reply "real gentlement don't contest!"

Feel free to check into the V31DX Cuba Libre Contest Club any time over 
the weekend; the more the merrier.  The beers will be cold and rum 
strong.  I kinda wish it was gonna be a babefest like K9FOX but the babes 
are few and far between in Belize but this is high season so who knows? 
maybe i'll have to compare notes.

Look for us Maritime Mobile form 42,000 ft to and fro and around the 

For anyone who cares QSL Via AA6BB.

73, Victor, John and Peter
The V31DX Cubra Libre Contest Club.

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  24-Oct-1994 1551 <reisert at>  Mon Oct 24 20:47:12 1994
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  24-Oct-1994 1551 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 24-Oct-1994 1551)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 15:47:12 EDT
Subject: 1994 ARRL DX Plaques are in the mail
Message-ID: <9410241947.AA03250 at>

1994 ARRL DX test plaques arrived Friday, October 21.

- Jim AD1C
reisert at

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Mon Oct 24 21:08:14 1994
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 13:08:14 PDT
Subject: TS-850 Failure Summary
Message-ID: <9410242008.AA02667 at greylock.local>

Late last June I solicited comments about the TS-850's reliability.

> [K2MM]  I've used three TS-850's at multi-op efforts in the past year.
> Two of them have crapped out during the contest.  Not a good track record.
> Anybody else have similar or opposite experience with TS-850's?  Three
> is not a very big sample size; it could just be a fluke.

Well . . .

Tree/N6TR has an 850 that somehow survived my visit to his place last July.
This puzzled me greatly and gave me pause about summarizing the responses.
But Tree must not have wiped all of my fingerprints off the rig, because it
bit the dust just a few days ago.  With this mystery cleared up, I feel I
can now post a summary of the responses I got:

    Number of times rig             Number of
    has crapped out                 responses

        0                               9
        1                               4
        2                               2

Some responses spoke to the rig's features but did not explicitly say that
the rig had or had not failed.  I've included these in the "no failure"

Tree's radio failed in a manner very similar to one of my experiences --
the radio lost power on the high bands . . . nil out on 10m, half power on
15m, and down some on 20m.  Turned out to be a decoder chip that controlled
the band-filter relays according to the four-bit band code.  Not hard to
replace, I gather.

Thanks to all the following for the feedback: Dave/VE2ZP/VE9CB, Bruce/AA5B,
Len/WF2V, Rich/K2WR, Scott/VE6CGY/VE6KTT/VE6MD, OldTree/N6TR, Bill/K6KM,
Jay/K0GU, John/WB2EKK, Tom/K1KI, Paul/KB5MU, and Ken/K0PP.  73.  --John/K2MM

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Mon Oct 24 20:34:32 1994
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 19:34:32 GMT
Subject: TIC rotor working (finally)
Message-ID: <0RqPuc4w165w at>

To keep a long story short....
Was having trouble with TIC ringrotor where the ring gear wouldn't stay 
meshed with the motor pinion gear as it rotated. Turned out to be two 
1. On my TH7 had the boom/mast plate rotated so that it was parallel with 
the ground, to fit within the cradle. As it turns out, with a Rohn 45, 
the plate barely clears/contacts the tower leg(s) as it rotates. SOlution 
was mounting it off center about 8 inches.
2. BIG problem was the holes in the frame assembly were not centered in 
the frame. Measured about 1/4 inch off center. After flipping it over 
(requiring some interesting tower acrobatics leaving the ring and antenna 
attached!) everything was fine.

BTW, Todd now says the new rings (with bigger pinion gear and deeper 
teeth) will ship this week. 

Thanks for all the advice. 73 Barry


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

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