EA Contest

pfeuffer at eznet.com pfeuffer at eznet.com
Sat Apr 1 19:22:37 EST 1995

I'ld like a copy of whatever you find.

Tnx es 73

Joe - KW1K

>Is there anyone out there, maybe a EA station, who could e-mail me
>a list of different providences and their abbrevations?
>I am in the EA RTTY contest and there seems to be many available, but
>there was no list with the announcement in QST....
>It would sure help to know how where out there to work.
>Oh well good luck to anyone in this contest
>Dean AA9JY
>aa9jy at comone.com

Joe Pfeuffer - 04/01/95  19:22:37
E-mail:pfeuffer at eznet.com
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