JHFitzJr at aol.com JHFitzJr at aol.com
Sun Apr 2 22:45:11 EDT 1995

Category: Single Operator, Low Power
Operator: VP2MGF(WB9HRO)

Band   QSOs    Pts     Mults
160       0          0          0
 80        0          0          0
 40        5        24          5
 20     190      399         70
 15    1016    2189       349
 10        1         3           1

Total: 1212 QSOs    425 Mults    1.111,375 Points

Time: CT says 25.4 hours, but at least 4 or so more very unproductive hours
were spent monkeying around on 20, 40, and 80.

Equipment: IC-745 (when it was working), IC-726 - 50 to 80 watts out,
dipole up 25 ft in a tree, R-5 vertical nearly on the ground. 95 % of
contacts were made using the vertical.

Best hour 115, last hour on 20 - all the big guns seemed to have retired.

Worst hour - most of the rest.

Lowlight - VP2MFS was visiting Sunday morning, and his 4 year old daughter
ran headlong into a sliding glass patio door, shattering it. Fortunately she
suffered only scratches, but it scared everyone.

Highlights - Meeting some of the local hams, including VP2MB, VP2MR, VP2MT,
and VP2MFS. Seeing the island. Running europeans on 80 CW for a couple of
hours Friday night when I couldn't work anyone on phone in the contest. (Does
this count as listening time?)

This was a field day style operation combined with a family vacation. Total
tear down time Mon nite before we left was 55 mins.

Jim Fitzpatrick, WB9HRO
Madison, WI
jhfitzjr at aol.com

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