Mon Apr 3 12:28:20 EDT 1995

Derek, AA5BT, has my vote for a CW SquINT.  My youngest, twins
age 9, will be taking their Novice exams the week after the
SSB SquINT.  While I'm not sure they'll pass, either way they'd
be interesting in giving the CW version a shot. (at least that's
the impression they give!)
73 de alan, N2ALE/6
ames at

>From           Greg Miller at 9_52 SST Eng at InterBold" <uszvn9l6 at  Mon Apr  3 19:37:01 1995
From:           Greg Miller at 9_52 SST Eng at InterBold" <uszvn9l6 at (          Greg Miller at 9_52 SST Eng at InterBold)
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 1995 14:37:01 EDT
Subject: WPX score

Date:          Monday, April 3, 1995 at 2:29:31 pm EDT
Certify:       N
---------------------------- [Message Follows] ---------------------------------
                                  CQ WPX CONTEST
     Call used: W8XY                                           Location: OH
     Category: SO                         Mode: SSB             Power: 150
     Callsign of Operator: W8XY
     Hours of Operation: 1.0
     band      QSOs
     160          9
      75         24
     TOTAL       33
     Total Score: 528
Comments: A middle-of-the-night, single op, single transmitter, single hour
operation. True part time contesting!

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Apr-1995 1431 <reisert at>  Mon Apr  3 19:33:54 1995
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  03-Apr-1995 1431 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 03-Apr-1995 1431)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 14:33:54 EDT
Subject: Have you heard any old Russian prefixes lately?
Message-ID: <9504031833.AA00992 at>

I worked UF6VAI in Soviet Georgia last week.  I wonder if anyone has worked
anyone else in Russia, say, in the last 6 months, who is still using an old
callsign which does not fit into the current callsign structure (i.e.
Georgia uses 4L now).

Please EMAIL me directly - I'll summarize to the list.

Thanks & 73

Jim Reisert AD1C
reisert at

>From Paolo Cortese <0006384393 at>  Mon Apr  3 17:50:00 1995
From: Paolo Cortese <0006384393 at> (Paolo Cortese)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 11:50 EST
Subject: European SPRINTContest
Message-ID: <93950403165039/0006384393PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

                                EU SPRINT 1995

       you are invited for the NEW EUROPEAN SPRINT contest as follows:


 1. Entrants. Any licensed station operating from Europe (DXCC definition) may 

    enter the Sprint.

 2. Object. To work as many European stations as possible.

 3. Categories.  Single Operator ONLY. Only ONE signal may be  aired  at  one 


 4. Dates.
{    EU SPRINT Spring:

    - SSB: third saturday in April (15.Apr.1995)

    - CW:  third saturday in May (20.May.1995)

    EU SPRINT Autumn:

    - SSB: first saturday in October (7.Oct.1995)

    - CW:  second saturday in October (14.Oct.1995)

 5. Time. From 15:00z until 18:59z.

 6. Bands. Only 20, 40 and 80 meters. Recommended frequencies are:  14030-070, 

    7010-040, 3530-570 on CW and 14220-280, 7040-090, 3680-780 on SSB.

 7. Exchange. All the following data MUST BE PART OF THE EXCHANGE:

    - your callsign,

    - the other station callsign,

    - your serial number starting from 001 (RST is not required),

    - your name or nickname. 

    Please note that:

    - initials  of name/surname are NOT allowed, names/nicknames MUST  BE  AT 

      LEAST 3 (three) letters long.

    - BOTH callsigns MUST be repeated by BOTH stations. A valid exchange could 

      be  "OK2FD  de I2UIY 118 Paolo" while "OK2FD 118 Paolo" is NOT  a  valid 


 8. Special  QSY Rule. If any station solicits a call (by sending  CQ,  QRZ?, 

    etc), he is permitted to work ONLY one   station on the same frequency. He 
{    must  thereafter  move AT LEAST 2 (two) kHz before he  will  call  another 

    station or before he will solicit again (CQ, QRZ?, etc) other calls.

 9. Valid contacts. Are those correctly logged and confirmed QSOs.  The  same 

    operator  may use ONE and ONLY one name during the Sprint, in case of  any 

    mistake zero (0) points will be charged for that QSO.

10. Scoring. Each valid QSO counts one (1) point. The final score is done  by 

    the total number of QSOs.

11. Awards. There are NO awards or prizes since these competitions have  been 

    created  only to test the individual skills. Results will be forwarded  as 

    soon as possible to Leagues, magazines and bulletins.

12. Logs. Is required the use of only one log done in cronological  order.  A 

    separate  summary sheet is required also. Logs must be sent NO later  than 

    15 days after the contest to these addresses:

    - Spring  SSB Sprint: Dave Lawley, G4BUO,  Carramore,  Coldharbour  Road, 

      Penshurst, Kent, TN11 8EX, England, UK.

    - Spring CW Sprint: Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, P. O. Box 14, 27043 Broni  (PV), 


    - Autumn SSB Sprint: Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, P. O. Box 14, 27043 Broni (PV), 


    - Autumn  CW  Sprint: Karel Karmasin, OK2FD, Gen.  Svobody  636,  674  01 

      Trebic, Czech Republic.

13. Software. The European Sprint may be managed in real time with the TR  by 

    N6TR Contest Logging Program. It just requires some ij`:he LOGCFG.DAT.  If 
{    you  need  a  sample  of  this  file,  please  send  a  message  to  I2UIY 


    More:  an  IBM-compatible software to administrate this  contest  is  also 

    available FREE of cost. It can be used on real-time (SSB) or either  after 

    the  contest.  The software can be received by sending 5 US Dollars or  10 

    IRCs to cover the diskette/postage expenses to I2UIY (P. O. Box 14,  27043 

    Broni, PV, Italy).

That's  it. Thanks in advance for your participation from the Eu Sprint  Gang: 

DL6RAI (& Bavarian Contest Club), G4BUO, I2UIY, OK2FD & ON6NL.

>From fabio.schettino at (FABIO SCHETTINO)  Mon Apr  3 21:51:00 1995
From: fabio.schettino at (FABIO SCHETTINO) (FABIO SCHETTINO)
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 95 21:51:00 +0100
Subject: IR4T WPX SSB 95 SCORE
Message-ID: <8A6B51F.00010237FA.uuout at>

                            WPX SSB 1995

Call : IR4T                    Category : Multi-Single

Country : Italy                Op. I4UFH, I4JMY, I4YSS, IK4IEE, I2VXJ, IK2HOG

160      36    13
80      169    79
40      878   290
20     1409   324
15     1005   295
10       21    13

Score   3518 1014     11.500.000

Equipmnent :

ICOM 781, Heil Mic, 386 Computer, Tiny 2 TNC.

Antennas :

2 El. Yagi 160 m & 2 Phased Dipoles 80 m at 50 m above the ground level.
2 El. Delta Loop on 40 m, 3 El. Delta Loop on 20 m, 4 El. Delta Loop on 15 m
and 5 El. Yagi on 10 m, all at 70 m above the ground level.

73 de Fabio I4UFH

e-mail fabio.schettino at

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