Kids SquINT (Kids Contest)

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Mon Apr 3 18:24:07 EDT 1995

First, wasn't it the Squirt contest ?  Ala "Little Squirts" ?

I remember hearing CQ Squirt, not CQ Squint.  Which is it Tree ?

During the first "SquINT" there were some non-kids that worked my daughter

They gave their ages and favorite colors - adults seem to catch on quickly to
this sort of thing.

In my opinion, adults should be encouraged to work the kids, but there should
not be any adult logs submitted.  

Kids should be defined as under voting age people(<18) - licensed or not.

Bob Naumann
KR2J at

>From Paolo Cortese <0006384393 at>  Mon Apr  3 21:38:00 1995
From: Paolo Cortese <0006384393 at> (Paolo Cortese)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 15:38 EST
Subject: ARI DX Contest 1995
Message-ID: <34950403203843/0006384393PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Please  note the NEW RTTY category, the FREE SOFTWARE offered to  administrate 

the contest and the SPECIAL PRIZE. Join our contest, you are welcome !!



                   1895-1995: the Radio Invention Centenary

                               SPECIAL EDITION

This  is a special edition of the ARI International DX Contest to  commemorate 

the 100 anniversary of the Radio Invention done by Guglielmo Marconi in  1895. 

There are2a few new rules that will be valid ONLY for this year. Starting from 

next year, the old rules will be restored.


AIM: It's a world-wide competition : everybody can work everybody.

DATE AND TIME: Each first full week-end of May from 2000z Saturday till  2000z 

Sunday. In 1995 it will be on May 6/7.


1) Single Operator - CW              

2) Single Operator - SSB         

3) Single Operator - RTTY            

4) Single Operator - Mixed           

5) Multi Operators - Single TX - Mixed             

6) SWL - Single Operator - Mixed                   

BANDS:  10m thru 160m (except WARC bands) are allowed according to  IARU  Band 

Plans. Band and mode can be changed only after 10 minutes you have been on it.

EXCHANGE:  Italian  stations  will send RST + two letters  to  identify  their 

province.   The  Marconi Memorial Stations will send RST + the code  "GM"  (it 

means Guglielmo Marconi). Other stations will send RST + a serial number  from 



a) QSO/HRD with own country counts 0 point but is good for  the  multipliers' 


b) QSO/HRD with own continent counts 1 point,

c) QSO/HRD with different continent counts 3 points,

d) QSO/HRD with any Italian (I & IS0, enclosing the Marconi Memorial Stations) 

   station counts 10 points.

The  same  station can be contacted on the same band once on  SSB/CW/RTTY  but 

only  the  first QSO is good for multipliers' credit. Please remember  that  I 

(Italy) and IS0 (Sardinia Island) are NOT country-multipliers.


a) each Italian province (102) count 1 multiplier,

b) each DXCC country (except I & IS0) count 1 multiplier,

c) each Marconi Memorial Station.

The  same multiplier (country/province) can be counted once and only once  for 


Note NEW Rule: the Marconi Memorial Stations are special callsigns aired  from 

the places where Guglielmo Marconi did his experiments. Those stations will be 

recognizable  from the IY prefix (like IY4FGM, IY1TTM, IY2ARI, etc). Each  one 

of  them  will count as a separate multiplier (ONLY for this  edition  of  the 


The  103 Italian provinces are : I1: AL, AT, BI, CN, GE, IM, NO, SP,  SV,  TO, 

VB,  VC. IX1: AO. I2: BG, BS, CO, CR, LE, LO, MI, MN, PV, SO, VA. I3: BL,  PD, 

RO, TV, VE, VR, VI. IN3: BZ, TN. IV3: GO, PN, TS, UD. I4: BO, FE, FO, MO,  PR, 

PC,  RA, RE, RN. I5: AR, FI, GR, LI, LU, MS, PI, PO, PT, SI. I6: AN,  AP,  AQ, 

CH,  MC, PS, PE, TE. I7: BA, BR, FG, LE, MT, TA. I8: AV, BN, CB, CE,  CZ,  CS, 

IS,  KR, NA, PZ, RC, SA, VV. IT9: CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR, TP, AG. I0:  FR, 

LT, PG, RI, ROMA (or RM), TR, VT. IS0: CA, NU, SS, OR.

FINAL SCORE: The sum of QSO/points from all bands times the sum of multipliers 

from all bands.

SWL: SWL have the same rules of OM. The same station cannot appear more than 3 

(three) times on every band as a correspondent.

LOGS  AND SUMMARY SHEET: Separate logs are necessary for each band. Logs  must 

show  all the QSOs' data. Duplicate contacts must be marked and with points  = 

0.  A summary sheet is required showing all the scoring details on each  band, 

class  of  entry, name, callsign, full address of the applicant,  callsign  of 

other operators and a signed declaration. A dupe sheet is required for entries 

with  more than 100 QSO on one band. Logs on diskette are WELCOME (Please  use 

ASCII MS/DOS, K1EA or ARIDX format).

Logs  must be mailed within 30 days from the end of the contest and  addressed 

to: ARI Contest Manager I2UIY, P.O.Box 14, 27043 BRONI (PV), Italy. 

PENALTIES AND DISQUALIFICATIONS: Disqualification applies for :

a) excessive number of unmarked duplicates (more than 2%),                

b) excessive declared score (more than 5%),                               

c) violation of the "10 minutes rule" (either for band and mode),   

d) log without the summary sheet.                                   

   Penalties applies for:    

e) each duplicate contact removed by the Contest Committee means a penalty  of 

   3 QSOs,

f) each multiplier counted twice or more on the same band means a penalty of 2 

{g) each not-existing station logged means a penalty of 5 QSOs.

h) instead  to disqualify a log, the Committee may decide to penalize  it  by 

   erasing a percentage of its score. 

AWARDS: A plaque with a certificate will be awarded to the top scoring station 

in  each  class.  A certificate will be awarded to  No.  2,3,4,5  top  scoring 

stations in each class as well as to the top scoring stations in each  country 

in each class.

SPECIAL  PRIZE:  ARI Pocket calculator will be awarded FREE  to  everyone  who 

will log AT LEAST the following QSOs:

   - 50 QSOs with Italian stations for DX Stations (outside of Europe),

   - 150 QSOs with Italian stations for European stations.

The same station can be logged once for each band. An alphabetical list of the 

Italian stations would be much appreciated.

FREE  SOFTWARE:  An IBM-compatible software to administrate  this  contest  is 

available  FREE  of  cost. It can be used on real-time  or  either  after  the 

contest.  It calculates points, multipliers and score, you have just  to  type 

the callsign and the received report. It prints logs, summary and dupe  sheets 

as  well as QSL labels. It has PacketCluster capability. The new 1994  version 

is  now  available,  revised and modified. The software  can  be  received  by 

sending 5 US Dollars or 10 IRCs to cover the diskette/postage expenses to  the 

Contest Manager.

>From George Cook <george at>  Mon Apr  3 23:16:15 1995
From: George Cook <george at> (George Cook)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 18:16:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kids SquINT (Kids Contest)
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950403181334.2165A-100000 at>

I will show her how to properly aply the war paint and give the near 
famous TEAM AA3JU battle cry designed to strike fear and terror into all 
Opposing stations.

er um I guess not huh?
Me and the Squirt will be in the squint and I promise not to walk away 
with any pre teen scalps in my trophy hand.

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Clark wrote:

> Hi George
> If they have their own ticket and can operate in that portion of the band they
> can use their own call.  If the General doesn't come in time, you be the control
> op and assist in any thing you feel you need too.
> Hope to hear you on the 15th!
> 73/Greg
> KO9Y

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From George Cook <george at>  Mon Apr  3 23:23:08 1995
From: George Cook <george at> (George Cook)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 18:23:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SquINT preparations
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950403182129.2165C-100000 at>

No possibility of this ever happening!
My kid is tougher than your kid and is 100% FRC.

Stay off our frequency!!!!!!
(oh yes this is all just in fun before you net cop types flame me out of 

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Derek Wills wrote:

> Ever the avid contester, I have been looking for guest ops for the 
> upcoming SquINT contest.  Not only do I not own a station, I have no 
> kids either, but the organizer assures me it is OK to hire one for 
> the event.   So I got a 13-yr old YL friend up to the W5EHM club shack 
> today and tried her out on the air.  She did pretty well, and on our 
> third QSO we were called by an older YL in California - it turned out 
> to be her first QSO ever.  Talk about double Elmering...
> Anyway, my junior op has already learned her name in Morse, plus mine 
> and her mom's, so we are nearly ready for a CW version of SquINT. I just 
> have to teach her how to steal other kids' frequencies, overdrive the 
> amp, generate big key clicks, rubber-clock and pad the log with SK calls, 
> and we're all set to win the phone and CW categories.
> Actually, I didn't tell her about the SquINT, and I have some younger
> kids in mind as well, but this one is my fall-back op for the 15th.  The 
> rest of you folks had better start some serious training.  See you then -
> Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
> oo7 at

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From George Cook <george at>  Mon Apr  3 23:26:02 1995
From: George Cook <george at> (George Cook)
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 18:26:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kids SquINT (Kids Contest)
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950403182502.2165D-100000 at>

And what are the multipliers?
How do we score this thing?
Where is the set up in CT?

Am I taking this WAAAAY to serriously?

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

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