WAE 1989 results

K3NA at aol.com K3NA at aol.com
Fri Apr 14 11:08:49 EDT 1995

Hi --

   The people who are rating WRTC applications have not been able to locate a
copy of the WAE 1989 results.  Do you have this booklet, or know of someone
who does?  If so, please contact:

Eric K3NA:  k3na at aol.com
   +1-301-293-2448 phone
   +1-301-293-2238 fax

Bill N3RR:  n3rr at aol.com
   +1-301-424-2707 phone
   +1-301-279-5613 fax

Chas K3WW:
   +1-215-257-9770 fax

   Thanks for any help you can provide!

-- Eric

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