1995 Poisson d'Avril score

young at young.ENET.dec.com young at young.ENET.dec.com
Fri Apr 14 15:55:56 EDT 1995

1995 Poisson d'Avril Contest score - K1XM

The instructions for the P d'A contest say that the log should be spammed
on the internet.  Since this is the only ham-related reflector I read,
this must be the place.

I called CQ once on packet at around 2200Z.

The first answer was WA1EKV, who gave me 59 20000.  I don't know if
that is his serial number of his power (on packet?)  As far as O.J,
Chuck asked "what's OJ"?

The second answer was from K8PO, who gave me 59 001 and said the only
TV he watched this week was NCAA.

After that our cat, Melody, jumped on my lap and started licking my hand,
so I didn't call CQ again.

So my score is:

    Category:  Single op, married

    QSOs                         Mults
     3 (including the cat)         0 (Massachusetts isn't a real place)

That doesn't generate many points, so I'll claim a 10,000,000 point
bonus.  Total score 10 Meg.

    Club Affiliation:  Yankee Clipper Contest Club

I certify that I may have inadvertently followed some or all of the rules
of this contest.

				Paul, K1XM

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