Surprise Awards

Zack Widup w9sz at
Sat Apr 15 14:42:59 EDT 1995

>>Ha, that's nothing.   I got an unexpected certif for winning STX SS 
>>CW multi-op for our club W5EHM.   This is pretty funny.  I made 400 Qs
>>as the only op and used packet near the end for some extra mults (no 
>>sweep).  My honesty in sending this in as multi-op is probably what 
>>did it, there were probably no other entries in multi-op STX.  But hey, 
>>the certifs don't say that on them.
>Sheesh.. I can beat THAT!
>N4OGW & I decided to go head-to-head in IL for the SS CW S/O title. I got 
>the flu, and there was no way I could compete with him (Tor's a GREAT CW op!) 
>So, I turned on the packet screen and forged ahead as a multi-op, and ended 
>up taking the DIVISION in multi-op CW with a piddly 485 QSO's in 17 hours!
>Sure surprised me, I'll tell ya that! Come on, Central Division 
>folks... let's get a REAL multi-op effort together so this doesn't happen 
>again (not that I'm complaining about the plaque, mind you...).
>Sean Kutzko                                         Amateur Radio: KF9PL
>Urbana, IL                                          DXCC:305 worked/297 cfmd
>             "Kiss the hand you cannot bite." -Romanian saying
I can beat THAT!

I operated QRP portable in the 1993 June VHF QSO Party CONTEST. I made 24 
QSO's in 17 grids on 144 MHz, and 7 QSO's in 6 grids on 432 MHz. Total 
score was 874.

I got a certificate from the ARRL, "first place QRP-portable, Illinois."
Turns out I was the ONLY QRP-portable in 9-land!

And I almost didn't send in my log!

Just shows to go you...

					Zack W9SZ
					Urbana IL (6 blocks from Sean)
					(Maybe some day part of the NM9H
					Contest Team)

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