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Mon Apr 17 10:01:27 EDT 1995

Hi. I claim to win that Frog contest thing from the other day.
I worked F0OL in the last second of the contest. He said he
hadn't worked anybody else (contest, quelle contest?) and just
to make sure he couldn't work anybody under rubber clocking I sent
.._._   which automatically activated a bomb distroying his station!
(a new feature in CT v9.34).
As that was the only eligible station, I claim a winning score 
of 1 point (une point). Phew, no dupes at last......
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>From sellington" <sellington at  Mon Apr 17 14:21:46 1995
From: sellington" <sellington at (sellington)
Date: 17 Apr 1995 08:21:46 -0500
Subject: Wet coax
Message-ID: <n1414015517.14190 at>

Once water gets into coax, there's really nothing you can do but replace
it.  Ever wonder why so many of those 100 W stations are so much weaker
than the QRP guys?

Scott  K9MA
sellington at

>From rhummel at (Rob Hummel WS1A)  Mon Apr 17 13:59:02 1995
From: rhummel at (Rob Hummel WS1A) (Rob Hummel WS1A)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 08:59:02 -0400
Subject: Squint results
Message-ID: <199504171259.IAA23261 at>

                  WORLD WIDE SQUINT CONTEST -- 1995

      Call: WS1A                     Country:  United States
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single-Lap
                                               High Power
                                               No Packet

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:
 Rig: Icom 765, AL-1200 glowing cherry red
 Ant: 10-el LPDA @ 35 feet

 Op: Gwen
 Age: 4
 Color: Green
 State: NH

Comments: Counting the warm-up time, about 20 minutes was all Gwen could
 endure. She really enjoyed keying the mic -- especially when others were
 sending their exchange.

High point: Watching Gwen trying to get her mouth around the word "Squint."

Low point: None.

[Log begins]

 QSO                                  CALL        COUNTRY NAME     INFO       

 95-04-15 1750 14.287                 AA5BT       W TX    LINDSEY             

 95-04-15 1800 14.287                 K0EJ        W TN    MEAGAN   11 BLUE    
 95-04-15 1801 14.287                 K0EJ        W TN    RYAN      8 RED     
 95-04-15 1802 14.287                 NI6R        W CA    MICHAEL   8 BLUE    
 95-04-15 1803 14.287                 NI6R        W CA    SARA      9 PURPLE  

 95-04-15 1806 14.287                 K0OD        W NJ    ANDREW   10 GREEN   
 95-04-15 1811 14.287                 N9VMR       W IL    SUSAN     7 PINK    
 95-04-15 1813 14.287                 NQ0I        W CO    SARAH     7 PINK    

[Log ends]
  <Rob Hummel>
  <rhummel at>
  <CIS: 72241,2222>
  <MCI: 371-5998>

>From Dravland, Todd" <ToddD at  Mon Apr 17 16:29:00 1995
From: Dravland, Todd" <ToddD at (Dravland, Todd)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 08:29:00 PDT
Subject: Gridloc WD0T
Message-ID: <2F928A11 at>

WD0T  Gridlock    Multi two

OP's   WD0T , KB0QVP

Names:  Todd, Lucas

Location: DN94

     Q's  Mult.
40CW 14   8
40PH 33   19
20CW 21   16
20SSB     26   15
10SSB     1    1

     95   59   5605 pts

FUN contest format.  Convinced Lucas, KB0QVP to operate at my QTH.  His 
first contacts on the air made during this contest.  He received his Tech 
plus about 2 months ago and has been itching to get on.  His first hour he 
was really nervous but by the end of his shift (3 hours) he wanted to keep 
going.  Maybe another new contester, lets hope!!  He worked the majority of 
the SSB q's while I worked the CW q's.  Lots of fun to watch him operate and 

Lets do this format/contest again.  Activity was low this time due to poor 
bands and being the first time around.  Lots of casual contacts thought it 
was a great format.

Rig: TS940S  100 w
        Tribander 10-20m  at  40ft
        2 ele 40m  at 45 ft
N6TR ver 5.20

73, todd wd0t

toddd at

>From Larry Tyree <tree at>  Mon Apr 17 14:35:54 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 06:35:54 -0700
Subject: Poisson D'Avril
Message-ID: <199504171335.GAA21323 at>

Alright you guys.  I have resisted posting this because I didn't want
to squash any egos, but I can't take it any more...

1. I worked F1SH on 160 meters.  Here is proof:

>Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 08:52:31 -0700
>From: Larry Tyree <tree at>
>To: topband
>Subject: TopBand: Pirates
>Sender: owner-topband
>Precedence: first-class
>Reply-To: Larry Tyree <tree at>
>Not sure about the SM7, but the story reminds of a pirate I heard last
>week on 160.  The call was F1SH and he was working USA stations, mostly
>on the east coast who couldn't tell he wasn't in France.  He was about
>40 over here...  the typical signal strength of someone about 200 miles
>from me.
>So, if you worked this guy, don't bother with a QSL!
>Tree N6TR
>tree at

2. You guys who are using CT for this contest are limiting yourselves.
The TR Logging Program has always support this contest (after all, a 
significant portion of the program was written while I was living
in France).  The score routines are VERY generous and I won't even
attempt to post the score here...  that is unless you don't realize 
who actually won this contest.  

Tree N6TR

PS: I bet Doug and John are having more fun than we are.

>From jholly at (Jim Hollenback)  Mon Apr 17 15:43:00 1995
From: jholly at (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 07:43:00 -0700
Subject: Lost Scores
References: <199504141700.KAA15342 at>
Message-ID: <9504170743.ZM5480 at>

On Apr 14, 10:00am, Jim Pratt wrote:
> Subject: Re: Lost Scores
> For electronic submission, I think there needs to be a "receipt" sent 
> back to the sender, acknowledging receipt of the file, and stating that 
> it was received prior to the deadline.

When I submit to the ARRL ( and others ) via internet, I get back a
note that the log was received. It generally doesn't say it was received
before the deadline...generally the log is submitted a day or two after
the contest weekend so the deadline is not an issue.

jholly at

>From De Syam <syam at>  Mon Apr 17 15:44:19 1995
From: De Syam <syam at> (De Syam)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 10:44:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Lost or misplaced log entries
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950417101911.1677B-100000 at>

In reading through the horror stories on here about this subject, I 
counted my blessings that nothing like that has happened to me recently.  
In the pre-computer days, when my good friend Len Chertok, W3GRF, was on 
the CQWW Committee, he threw out my HS1ABD CW log because it was "too 
messy" -- and I deserved it.  Oh yes, somewhere in Asia there is a trophy 
for me donated by JARL for winning Asia in the CQWW CW in 1971 as HS5ABD; 
I had asked that it be forwarded to a friend in Hong Kong since at that 
time I was living and working in Viet Nam, and I never saw it.

But since my conversion to computer logging in mid-1990, I have to say 
that nothing has gone astray.  For ARRL I just print out a summary sheet 
and fold it into a disk mailer along with my disk, and mail it off.  
NOTE:  I use separate disks for separate contest weekends, and mail them 

All of the commenters tiptoed around a question which it seemed to me was 
hovering in the background all the while:  When ARRL no longer requires 
the submission of printed logs, why do those who log by computer send in 
printed logs instead of just a disk?  Though I am not known as an 
environmentalist, if everybody just sent in a disk you might just "save a 
tree", not to mention making Billy's and Warren's desks look neater!

I know there are some who feel that by submitting a paper log and no 
disk, they will avoid having their logs checked as carefully as if a disk 
were available, so I ask this:  Why on earth would anyone be worried 
about having his/her log checked carefully?

I lost some  QSO's in one SS and I was delighted, because it showed 
that ARRL was really checking the logs; it had been rumored years earlier 
that the logs were never checked at all.  

I did write an analysis of ARRL log checking in the DX contest in my local 
club newsletter which found its way into NCJ, but it was not meant to be 
a complaint, just an analysis which might be of interest to the members 
of my club. 

All right, see you at both Dayton and Visalia, and you can give me hell 

                                     Very 73,

                                   Fred Laun, K3ZO   

>From jholly at (Jim Hollenback)  Mon Apr 17 16:12:03 1995
From: jholly at (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 08:12:03 -0700
Subject: Poisson d'Avril contest winner!
References: <950415112743_84094943 at>
Message-ID: <9504170812.ZM5484 at>

On Apr 15, 11:27am, KR2J at wrote:
> Subject: Poisson d'Avril contest winner!
> I have won the Poisson d'Avril contest!   ILTHRS!(1)
> (1) all footnotes are listed at the bottom of this message
> For the first time, I have won a single op competetion!
Obviously you have not read the rules very carefully. It is impossible
for any submitter to win the contest. After a careful reading of the 
rules you will understand that only the contest committee can win. The
best you can hope for is second place. I did get on barefoot for a while.
I decided to go barefoot and save the birds this year. But with the
stinko conditions and constant QRM'ing from some guys operating on a
construction scaffold on some rock in the pacific, I could only get
a score of 485,295,382. I used everything I could for multipliers ...
grid squares, DXCC, states, call districts, sections, bogus calls,
pirate calls ... best one was some guy that kept sending 5C for a report.
I forgot if the hostile replies one gets back after spamming the net counts
or not, so I decieded to count those also. Say did anyone else catch the
3Y, 5A, and P5 that was on for this contest? Total operating time,
was somewhat short this year, about 20 minutes and a potty break. Class
I would have entered is Beattle Valley single op.

73, Jim, WA6SDM
jholly at

>From Setzler" <Setzler at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL  Mon Apr 17 17:19:19 1995
From: Setzler" <Setzler at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL (Setzler)
Date: 17 Apr 1995 11:19:19 -0500
Subject: 95 squINT at KD1NG
Message-ID: <n1414005128.459 at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL>

1995 squINT Kids Contest

Call sign:  KD1NG
Class:      Multi/Single/Mega
            (Multi-operator/Single Transmitter/Mega-fun)
Operator:   Doug
Age:            9
State:       Rhode Island
Color:       Green

QSOs	                  22	
States		             14
Mults		               90+ mins of FUN               
Claimed Score      27.72 Bazillion

This had to be the high point of the contest season.  Thanks to Greg and Tree
for putting this together;  let's do it again real soon.  Douglas is already
asking when the next contest is!!  As noted in the log times, he didn't want
to stop and he especially loved to "hunt and pounce".  Looks like some more
multi operations will be coming out of Little Rhodie!!  Hope to hear everyone
again next time.

73 de James (and Doug),  KD1NG ..

UTC		  CALL		      AGE	ST	    NAME		       	COLOR

1806		KI7EG	        43	ID	     PHIL			        GREEN
1811		K0EJ		         8	TN	    RYAN			        RED
1812		K0EF		        11	TN	   MEGAN		        BLUE
1815		KB7ZPX	      55	WA	  CLAUDE		       BLUE
1826		NQ0I		          7	CO	   SARAH		         PINK
1829		K0OD		        10	MO	  ANDY			          GREEN
1838		AA7BG	         8	MT	  MATTIE	         	BLUE
1838		AA7BG	         6	MT	  AARON		          PINK
1838		AA7BG	         3	MT	  JENNA		          ORANGE
1842		N6TR		        40	OR	  TREE			          BLUE
1843		N9HZQ	        11	GA	  SARAH	         	PURPLE
1844		KR4YL	        13	FL	   KAREN		         GREEN
1846		KO9Y		         5	IN	    ALYSSA		        PINK
1848		N6IP		         3	CA	   SARAH		         PINK
1852		W2NQ/7	    54	OR	   JOHN			         BLUE
1856		N6VI/WH6	  4	HI	    ERIC			          BLUE
1900		KC7AGC	    41	WA	   DAN			          GREEN
1903		N7CW		      10	CA	   SCOTT	        	BLUE
1904		WA4WTG/5		    OK	   KAPPY	       	RED
1915		KA6BIM	       8	CA	   DOUG			        BLUE
1920		WE0Q			          MN	   PAUL

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