Bouvet Split Technique

Mon Apr 17 21:35:15 EDT 1995

>My favorite trick is something I heard F2CW doing on one of those crazy
>trips like 3Y0PI.  Perhaps it had been done before, but it was my first
>time to hear it.  At the end of every fifth QSO or so he would say

>        3Y0PI UP 2  S I X T Y  T H R E E

>and while all the lids were calling UP 2, you could get him on the first
>or second call on 063.  And if too many people found him on 063, he 
>would listen on some other frequency, like S E V E N T Y  T W O.

> --Trey, WN4KKN/6
I heard the Bouvet ops doing this on 10 meter CW back in 1990.  They were on
28.005 or so, with a massive pileup that extended beyond 28.070. I called
them for an hour and never heard one station they worked. Then I heard them
send "87" at about 45 wpm. What did that mean? I called them once or twice
on 28.087 and put them in the log. 
     I listened to them fish out the few stations calling them on '87, and
they again called out a frequency that was far from the core of the pileup.
   I wondered about the ethics of this practice. Unless you figured out what
they were doing, you had zero chance of working them.
                         Jeff K0OD   jfsinger at

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