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New E Mail Address for VE4GV Rob Kaufmann is:
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See you all at Dayton
73 Rob

>From wrt at (Bill Turner)  Wed Apr 19 04:20:17 1995
From: wrt at (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 03:20:17 +0000
Subject: Followup on QST delivery
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I recieved the following today from the QST circulation manager:
Dear Mr. Turner,

Thank you for your inquiry.  The May issue of QST was mailed on April 9, 
1995.  Although the Postal Service makes no guarentees regarding delivery of 
second class printed matter, their "guidelines" mention 10 days to two weeks 
for average delivery time.

Several factors come into play regarding delivery times.  Obviously, the 
further away you live from the printer (located in Glasgow Kentucky) the 
longer it will take to receive your issue.

However, the saturation of second class mail to your zip code also plays a 
role.  If there is sufficient volume (24 lbs approximately), the mail sack 
proceeds from the bulk mailing center in Cincinnati to the local Post Office 
for distribution.  If the volume is not there, the bag will sit until 
additional second class material destined for the same zip is received.

During the past several years we have seen numerous postal facilities around 
the country closed and entry points consolidated.  This has lengthened 
delivery time in those areas as well as increased complaints on non-receipt 
and damaged issues.  If your friend received his/her issue on the 12th,  all 
the factors must have been working in his/her favor.

QST is mailed around the 10-12 of each month.  If you routinely receive the 
magazine after adding two weeks onto that timeframe, we can institute a 
postal watch on the magazine and issue a complaint on your behalf.  This 
action has been somewhat effective in the past.

If you have any further questions, or would like us to institute a complaint 
with the Postal Service on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact 

Debra Jahnke
Manager, Circulation and Publication Sales
So there it is.  Ms. Jahnke didn't answer whether we had the option of
paying for first class postage, so that may not be an option.  I will query
her again on that just to be sure.

73, W7LZP
wrt at  (Bill Turner)

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