Followup on QST delivery

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It would appear to me that the last paragraph of the ARRL letter 
tends to illustrate their concern of your problem.
It seems hardly fair to judge the QST delivery time as a function of 
the ARRL.
More properly, the blame for late delivery falls upon the shoulders 
of the postal service. You know, that great modern establishment 
that performs the simplest of tasks with the utmost of typical 
government malpractice.
Just another case for firing every government worker and starting 
As a compromise, I would accept 12 yesr term limits for EVERY 
government worker, and NO PENSION.
Let 'em work as we private sector fellows do ....... "For a living" 
with "concern for tomorrow".

N5RP, Bob
Houston, Texas
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N5RP, Bob
Houston, Texas
Email: perring at

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