Dayton - ES2RR - room?

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Wed Apr 19 22:23:11 EDT 1995

Hi gang --

   Toiva ES2RR has been working in Illinois for the last couple of months.
 He is one of the top contesters from Estonia.

   This year he has the chance for a dream which, a decade ago, seemed
impossible: to come to Dayton.

   Does anyone have a spare bed/room that Toiva can pick up?  If so, please
contact him directly.  His office telephone is 815-259-3311 extension 236...
and he works staggered hours, typically 12noon - 10pm CDT.

   Thanks.  -- Eric K3NA

>From Bruce Strong <hs0zbo at>  Thu Apr 20 10:06:04 1995
From: Bruce Strong <hs0zbo at> (Bruce Strong)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 16:06:04 +0700 (GMT)
Subject: Bouvet Split Technique and ethics
Message-ID: <Pine.ISC.3.90.950420160434.10147J-100000 at>

>   On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, N6MM/W6BAB wrote:
>   > > Ethics, schmethics...if you don't listen to the DX station and follow
>   > > their instructions (even somewhat cryptic instructions) then I'd say your
>   > > chances are pretty slim, regardless.  It was a fairly clever solution to
>   > > some astounding pileups and separated the sheep from the goats rather 
>   > > quickly.
>   To me, and, evidently, just me, the ethics problem relates not to the
>   cleverness of separating the 'sheep from the goats' but, by seemingly
>   implying, or not making it clear, where he would be listening and,
>   it also seems, to be giving out apparently misleading information -
>   witness all your comments about the pileup being at the wrong place -
>   the station is now taking up 3 places on the band; one for himself,
>   one for the 'deserving', and one for the 'undeserving'.
>   This would be ok, at least to me, if dx chaseing were the only game
>   in town, but many, many amateur radio operators don't care to join
>   the hunt and this technique necessarily clutters up the available
>   spectrum more than other techniques might.  This, apparently
>   deliberate, method of 'spreadin' them out' is, on the other side,
>   also a deliberate inconsideration to the rest of the amateur radio
>   fraternity to show that the station involved doesn't give a rat's
>   ass about them and their equal rights to use the spectrum.
>   The attitude that it is alright to 'spread em out', especially to
>   frequencies where one is NOT listening, somehow shows, to me, a
>   complete lack of respect for the other amateurs on the band, the
>   ones that aren't 'playing the game'.  
>   But, since they aren't 'playing the game', I guess they aren't
>   'deserving' of any respect either!
>   Just one minority opinion.
>   Bruce
>   hs0zbo at

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