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Wed Apr 26 11:30:39 EDT 1995

I am scheduled to be in Brasilia beginning in mid May for 3 to 4 weeks.  I would be 
interested in operating as a guest op during the WPX contest as either single op, 
multi-single or multi-multi.  I have guest-oped in the DC area for contests with my 
own call sign, as a part of the W3GNQ and W3LPL crews, as well as recently 
VP2EZA in '94 CQWW CW and 3DA/ND3A in '95 ARRL CW.  Thank you very much 
in advance for any assistance!

Rob Shapiro - ND3A
Potomac Valley Radio Club
Internet: nd3a at cais.com
PacketCluster: ND3A > N3RR

P.S.  I just received the 3DA/ND3A QSL cards from the printer and will begin sending 
them out after returning from Dayton!

>From Noppachart Limpaphayom <hs1nru at md2.md.chula.ac.th>  Thu Apr 27 02:59:21 1995
From: Noppachart Limpaphayom <hs1nru at md2.md.chula.ac.th> (Noppachart Limpaphayom)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 18:59:21 -0700 (GMT-0700)
Subject: QSL for VS6WO
Message-ID: <Pine.GEN.3.90.950426185346.11994C-100000 at md2.md.chula.ac.th>

Hi all ,
Can anybody help me?
   1. What is the QSL address for VS6WO ?  In the 1991 callbook said K9EC 
was the QSL manager for VS6WO but i had tried it and the card was sent 
back to me.
   2. What is the QSL address for the Brunei?
Please help de  JOE: HS1NRU,THAILAND

internet :  hs1nru at md2.md.chula.ac.th

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