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Ralph (and others), 

First, Thanks for the the civil replys.  I have received some replys which
are downright rude.  I wasn't sure if the ARRL used this number for 
other purposes.  I have found out from another message sent to  me that 
they have another 800 number set up --  1-800-32new ham set up primarily
to attract new members.

Yes, I will send the ARRL my comments, after all it is MY magazine.  I 
have no complaints about the quality of the articles within QST.  As a 
matter of fact, I believe it to be the best Amateur Radio publication out 
there. My comments concern the paper it is printed on, the cover which 
houses it, the plastic wrap which keeps it nice, and all those ads in the 
front of the magazine. Period.  As far as I know, nobody from the ARRL
 asked the members which do you prefer; a nice crisp clean professional 
looking  magazine, or a ratty, postmarked, dogeared, torn, magazine. Dues
may change based on the answer.  I was never given the choice.

Editorially, with exception of the advertising up front, the magazine
is the best of the best.  It looks super!  Great articles, great graphics,
great format!  Why waste all that quality on poor paper, no wrapper, and
a supermarket tabloid cover?  

I know I will get flamed some more for my comments here (I am sending
this also on the reflector), but too bad.  This is my opinion.  The
personal responses I have received have been 50-50 in support of the new 

Again, thank you for the civil replys. The non-civil comments are
redirected to dev/nil

   Len WF2V

PS: Your contest scores are printed in QST.  This is applicable to the
contest reflector!  Skip the message if you are not interested.

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