Memorable Callsigns?

Richard Norton ae327 at
Tue Aug 1 16:49:46 EDT 1995

Someone wrote -
"I like Mats' point -- here's a thought:  The most important
thing about a callsign is that it be loud (and that the op can
copy the answers).  I think Mats' point that the callsign be
on enough to be recognized easily is a good one too.  There
comes a point the odd long ones like WN4KKN, WD8AUB, WD8LLY,
and KA4RRU stand out and are memorable."
stand out and are memorable???
There is no such valid call as WD8LLY. (Note that WD8LLD and
WA8LLY are valid calls that are active in contests.)
Dick, N6AA   ae327 at LAFN.ORG


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