Tue Aug 1 22:41:31 EDT 1995

Here is my best score from the rfzhischr.dta file:

1 - 60101  N8RR  40  390  8.357500

This was with the callsigns set at 100 instead of 50. 

Other speed/scores at 50 callsigns: 
                              347- 31027
                              347- 30104
                              328- 28143
                              347- 27959
                              367- 27926

Changed the starting speed to 250 or 275. 
I find that the higher speeds are hard to hear on the built in computer
speaker which I am using. Headphones would be much better. Also find that on
some days I can hear the fast speeds better than on other days, must be my
age (48)!! 

Glad real contest transmissions are not sent at these speeds! 

73, Chas N8RR 

>From joe.ham at (Joe Ham)  Tue Aug  1 05:39:32 1995
From: joe.ham at (Joe Ham) (Joe Ham)
Date: Tue,  1 Aug 1995 04:39:32 GMT
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The C-4 is a C-3 with a separately fed 40 meter rotatable dipole.
Regardless, I have had a C-3 up for about a year and compared to TH-6,
TH-7, A4, Explorer 14 etc. that I have used in the past at about the
same HAAT the C-3 FAR outperforms the others.


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