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Wed Aug 2 11:26:47 EDT 1995

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Subject: re: Re: Good Callsigns  *or*  Creative Callsign Contest
other folks mention calls like:
>      "Whiskey too Gnome Pneumatic Aetna"
I think it would be fun to have a Creative Callsign Contest on the air.
No multipliers.  Object is to fool the other guy.  You'd have to use
phonetics that are actual words in the English language (apologies to
non-English speaking countries - you can arrange your own contest if
you wish  :-) .  No one would actually know their score until the log-
checkers run the submitted logs through their software.  You would get
points for every time someone busts your call.  If they get your call
right, no points.  And as long as we're being silly, I guess the whole
contest should take place between 14225 and 14235.
(I wonder if Derek already thought of this one?)
    73,  Dave   Won-Double-5-Nine    <wd5n at>

>From David O. Hachadorian" <74752.115 at  Wed Aug  2 16:19:35 1995
From: David O. Hachadorian" <74752.115 at (David O. Hachadorian)
Date: 02 Aug 95 11:19:35 EDT
Subject: Callsigns / KLM plastic
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John, NT5C, mentioned that KLM KT34-XA plastic parts were
susceptible to damage from sunlight.

This is definitely true for the original plastic caps (40 of them)
which go on the ends of the trap capacitors. Mine failed after
two years here in the sunlight capital of the world, Yuma,
Arizona. They were light green, almost white. I obtained a
replacement set from KLM about seven years ago, and they have
so far shown no signs of deterioration. My replacement caps are
dark green. There are even more recent versions of these caps,
and I presume they are as good or better than my dark green ones
with respect to UV resistance. No other problems to report with
that antenna, but, other than UV, Yuma is a benign environment for
antennas. I still believe that the combination of a KT34-XA,
40-2CD, T2X, and half sloper is a relatively inexpensive, easily
reproducible, "magic bullet" solution to contesting on the five
hf bands.

On a totally different subject, the recent thread on callsigns
brings to mind a memorable incident which I overheard in the 
CQWW SSB contest about 20 years ago:

rare dx: QRZ?
huge pileup: mumble mumble K7JCA
rare dx: QRZ?
huge pileup: mumble mumble K7 Juliet Charlie Alpha
rare dx: QRZ?
huge pileup: mumble mumble K7 JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY!
rare dx: K7JCA 59

Perhaps the secret is more the delivery, rather than the actual

73, Dave, K6LL
74752.115 at

>From BILL FISHER" <BFISHER at  Wed Aug  2 13:02:52 1995
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 95 12:02:52
Subject: NAQP Team ??
Message-ID: <9507028073.AA807390172 at>

     If anyone needs 2 people for a team, let me know.  I'll be QRV at the 
     somewhat still functional N4RJ.
     Bill, KM9P

>From yvk at (John KE7V)  Wed Aug  2 17:57:41 1995
From: yvk at (John KE7V) (John KE7V)
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 09:57:41 -0700
Subject: callsigns
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thinking of K7SS old call of K7JCA made me recall a time when some of
the northwest boys were going up to VE7WJ for a WPX multi multi a few
years back. We all decided to get on 2 meters on the way up from Seattle.
 Danny says qrz K-seven seven seven   the answer to him was 
N-seven zero zero   followed by WA-seven one two three   and finally
K-seven hundred ten zero chimed in. The 2 meter regulars told us
cbers to get off there repeater!
    Cheers  Johnny KE7V

>From Larry Tyree <tree at>  Wed Aug  2 18:16:52 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 10:16:52 -0700
Subject: More silly
Message-ID: <199508021716.KAA20737 at>

One SS SSB from W6DGH (now N6AA) I was called by K Six Seven Eight Nine
Mobile Six (who is now K0RF).

Tree WB6ZVC (now N6TR)
tree at

>From Jerry Sidorov" <jerry at  Wed Aug  2 20:17:34 1995
From: Jerry Sidorov" <jerry at (Jerry Sidorov)
Date: Wed,  2 Aug 95 23:17:34 +0400
Subject: MASTER.DTA file for RUFZ available!
References: <9508021347.AA26194 at>
Message-ID: <AAEzy7mOn0 at>

Hi contesters,

I've got that rufzfile.dta and looked old style ex-USSR calls inside one.
Probably, it doesn't a matter, but does some irreality :).
The question is: does updated callsign base exist somewhere? If doesn't,
I can redo ex-USSR calls in there (sure, they'll be not existing calls
at all, but some ones will :).

Any comments?

>   ------- Forwarded Message
>   To:  cq-contest at TGV.COM
>   Subject:  MASTER.DTA file for RUFZ available!
>   Date:  Tue, 01 Aug 95 10:11:00 -0400
>   From:  reisert at
>   I have converted the November, 1994 MASTER.DTA file to RUFZ format.
>   To get the file, send a message to ct-user-REQUEST at
>   In the body of the message put the single line:
>   GET rufzfile.dta
>   The file has 25115 callsigns, including USA and JA.  The total file length is
>   158,568 bytes.  If someone wants to host the file for anonymous FTP, please
>   send EMAIL to me.
>   73 - Jim Reisert AD1C
>   reisert at
>   ------- End of Forwarded Message
        73,  Jerry  UA9AR.

Mail: Jerry Sidorov, P/O Box 9411,  *   E-mail:  jerry at
      Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia   *

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