Fri Aug 4 04:43:33 EDT 1995

I'm going to be in MA on the weekend of NAQP.  I will be staying in
Baldwinville, which is in the north central part of the state.  If you live
in the area between Greenfield and Fitchburg on route 2 and have a station I
could operate from, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.

73 de KE6BER

>From Gerard Parat <parat at>  Fri Aug  4 12:40:41 1995
From: Gerard Parat <parat at> (Gerard Parat)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 13:40:41 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: IOTA score : TM7XX
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950804133739.294C-100000 at>

Callsign:  TM7XX  op:F5MUX               Total Claimed Score    837939
Year of Contest: 1995      Mode: SSB          IOTA Ref: __________
Single Op, Single Op Limited or Multi Op : Single Op Limited 12H SSB only
Note: Multi Op entries must be mixed mode.
     BAND             10m     15m     20m     40m     80m     Total
     Valid QSOs SSB     0       0     510     378      57       945
     Valid QSOs CW      0       0       0       0       0         0
     QSO Points         0       0    3339    3564     646      7549
     Multipliers        0       0      50      45      16       111
Island name and/or station location: FRANCE
Give exact coordinates if island is not listed by name in Directory
Permanent Station or contest DXpedition?  HOME STATION
Note:  A DXpedition station is one where the antennas and equipment
       were installed specifically for this contest.
TX/RX      KENWOOD TS850SAT + FL2277
Power o/p  500 WATTS
Antennas   KLM KT34XA AT 37M + 40-2-CD AT 40M + INVERTED V 80M AT 37M
Operators  F5MUX
Comments   A lot of fun, good propagation, see you next contest,
           why not from an island  !!!
I declare that this station was operated strictly in accordance with
the rules and spirit of the contest and within the conditions of my
licence.  My report is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.
I agree that the decision of the contest organisers shall be final
in all cases of dispute.  I agree to the data from this entry being
entered into a computer for the sole purpose of the contest adjudication.
Signed    Lee  F5MUX                            Date  03/08/95
Name      FONTAINE "LEE"                        Callsign  TM7XX
Address   Op: F5MUX
          BOX 124
          28113 LUCE Cedex

(posted by Gerard / F6FGZ : parat at

>From Marijan Miletic <s56a at>  Fri Aug  4 12:15:30 1995
From: Marijan Miletic <s56a at> (Marijan Miletic)
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 95 11:15:30 UTC
Subject: FORCE12
Message-ID: <68408 at>

Hi Contesters,

I posted 3 messages regarding C3 antenna and then received private email
from FORCE12 questioning my motives in rather strong words.  Fortunately,
t included apology toward the end.  In my lengthy answer, I promised them
to refrain from further technical discussion about FORCE12 products.
I am glad that my views and facts were partially supported by WA2SRQ, W6QHS,
KR2Q and GW3YDX.

Unfortunately two FORCE12 postings on this reflector after acknowledgment
of my answer include personal attacks and insinuations which I'll publicly
reply regardless of bandwidth.

>On a personal note, I am a bit testy these days as most of the time I get on
>the bottom end of either 40 or 20 some idiot (perhaps displaced from 14230)
>follows me around and sends "FORCE 12 JERK" repeatedly!  This
>signal is ground wave for me, but as I hear most of New England and some of
>the Middle Atlantic states from my QTH, that does not really tell me much
>about the location of the signal.  I can only say this person is loudest
>when I am beamed to Europe.  The agenda of this person is known only to
>him/herself, and this person clearly does not like either me or our company.
>If you hear this activity as described above, please drop me a note.

>Natan, W6XR/2

Had W6XR used sharper antenna (more than 2 active elements per band with
accurate rotator as recommended by W6QHS), he may have discerned Middle East
direction instead of Europe.  Had he stayed home in CA, he would probably
point to even more favorable Japan...

73 de "self appointed expert" in "plastics :-)"  Mario, S56A, N1YU.

Above reply was erroneously sent to instead of this reflector.

I assume that first part of second FORCE12 posting was written by N6BT.
I admire his intro. as I also celebrated 50 years birthday in March,
reflected a lot on the role of 35 years of hamradio on my professional
life in computers business and research. I was always met with a lot of
goodwill from hams while traveling worldwide and as late as Dayton 95!

I was amazed what followed as I am not writing under "Kurt N. Sterba"!

>Recently an individual made observations about one of our products (C3) and
>chose to share his observations and his opinions the meaning of those
>observations.  I have no intention of letting what appears to be a personal
>vendetta go unanswered.

What follows sounds like vendetta against me or known tactic to discredit
critics instead of defending the product (so often in cheap politics).

>Get your technical facts straight and don't come off half cocked
>as you will certainly continue to make a fool of yourself.

As I said in my email to FORCE12: "I am a scientist, not a salesman".

>I don't blame you for being frustrated.
>Frustration begets beligerent behavior and subsequent name calling.

I come from small country often described as "living in 60's".
Not much frustrations here although we are so close to Balkans!

>Read it sometime instead of tossing out knee-jerk reactions!

My right foot toe was injured 2 days ago but not from knee-jerking!

Once again I assume that above was written by N6BT which surprises me!

What follows is classic Natan comment:

>Now back to the phone and the gent who is having trouble getting his 80
>meter dipole to resonate while perched on a 8' step ladder.

I bought 78m Windom antenna 2 years ago in DL and it was claimed to handle
1 kW.  I soon discovered that 1:6 toroid balun melts after 30 min. CW and
later learned it was made by employee of leading German electronics
company using AF type core with too high permeability and losses!

I do not blame DL company in the above case but I am not sure FORCE12
use of IBM net without disclaimer is improving image of BIG BLUE!

Let me end this email on humorous note by publicly replying to K9UWA:

>#1. I have a FORCE 12 EF-180 B/D thats an 80/75 meter Dipole.
>#2. Just put it up.
>#3. First QSO was 5A1A on 80 CW! ONE CALL!
>guess that says it all for me! See you guys in the pileups this fall!
>73 de JOHN K9UWA
>k9uwa at

#1.  I have Tonna 5 element beam for 50 MHz.
#2.  I connected it to relay box on July 17th 1995.
#3.  First QSO was 4K6D on 50 MHz CW!  One call, new country!
I guess I was lucky as only EU showed afterwards.  That's all!
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
S56A at

P.S.  I hope I didn't make fool of myself!?

>From rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi)  Fri Aug  4 13:44:33 1995
From: rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi) (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 08:44:33 EDT
Subject: You want silly?  How 'bout a worldwide wedding invite!

In a previous message, you wrote:
>  .
>  .
>  .
>You are cordially invited to attend
>the wedding of
>Laurie Mashak and Scott Neader
>on August 19th, 1995.
>  .
>  .
>  .
>Hams in the wedding:  Mike N0BSH & Chad WE9V.
>Also attending:  Paul WX9E, Paul KS9K, and possibly Paul W0AIH

So must we change our names to Paul to attend?
Vaguely remenisent of the Monty Python "So your name's not Bruce.
That's going to be a bit confusing." sketch.

>  .
>  .
>  .
>Scott, KA9FOX

73 de N1PBT...Ron  (rrossi at ><>

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