Alpha Low Pwr Drive Mod

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Fri Aug 4 12:57:17 EDT 1995

I have used a number of Alpha linear amplifiers which have had the "low power
drive mod" added. Usually there is a note to this effect affixed somewhere on
the amp. But I have never seen anything which describes exactly what this mod
does or is intended to do, nor have I ever seen the circuit involved or any
details as to where/how it is installed.

As was natural, I never showed my "ignorance" by asking. But now I have to
"'fess up"
What is it?


Joe, W5ASP

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If you've never seen Laurie, there's a picture of her on my web site (see
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Scott, KA9FOX

And from a man who knows how to judge women, let me assure you all
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Congratulations Scott and Best Wishes Laurie!!

Tom WB4iUX
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