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Sat Aug 5 01:18:59 EDT 1995

Dear Friends,

Recent postings (2) were unfortunately viewed by some as an attempt
to commercialize the products of FORCE 12 via this reflector.  Even
though that was never my intent, after cooling down and reading my
own posts, I can see how that conclusion was drawn.

For that oversight, I apologize to all.

I have in the past refrained from commenting on many questions and 
issues becuase I felt that it may be construed as commercial rather
than helpful.  Even though my "name" is FORCE 12, the vast majority
of my posting have been from the contester W6XR/2....Natan Huffman,
not the company FORCE 12.

The reasons I did what I did were prompted by what I construed as 
vicious, personal attacks on me and a friends company that were
simply unwaranted and inappropriate.  Only after urging from others did
I even consider anwering the issue at hand.

I do not in any way think badly about my posts as far as content, however,
the contest reflector was not the vehicle to use to answer this person.  
Even though the reflector was used to satisy his own agenda, I should not
have lowered myself to the same level and for that I also apologize.

I really would rather sit down and work on my ever expanding antenna farm,
open a bottle of Duckhorn Merlot and turn up Feddie Mercury on the box than
deal with this issue any more.  Retirement is supposed to be fun right?


Natan, W6XR/2

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Sat Aug  5 06:10:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 95 00:10 EST
Subject: Crashing Computer
Message-ID: <55950805051055/0006492564PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

.......................SOS / MAYDAY / @%$#&%$&& computers..................

I have hooked up the Omni VI to the '486 and it don't work proper.

When you change bands with the function 11/12 keys of NA it will not track
to 160 meters...it follows ok on 10-80 but doesn't know what 160 is....

Bigger problem - when the rig is hooked up while running NA, the program
crashes as soon as you log the first QSO - the message on the program reads:

Illegal function call in line No line number in module NA610 at address 0905

         ....what does this mean? To this computer challenged contester it
is garbage - has anyone encountered these problems before and been able to
fix them? Please lemme know.

        .....also, I dunno how to network the two computers together, unlike
CT where you are queried about what comm port is for your network, etc....I
get the feeling that NA doesn't network since it doesn't ask port info....
yet WE9V said he did it before...am I behind the times and do I need a newer
version of NA???

K3LR et al are you out there....NAQP is twelve hours away and I am wondering
if I will be linked or not.... thanks to all in advance,


                        Jim, K1ZX    k1zx at mcimail.com

    1:00 AM EST - do you know the name/status of the next tropical storm?

>From Dale Pelzer <71754.2442 at compuserve.com>  Sat Aug  5 07:32:47 1995
From: Dale Pelzer <71754.2442 at compuserve.com> (Dale Pelzer)
Date: 05 Aug 95 02:32:47 EDT
Subject: ts450,dsp-100, & if232c
Message-ID: <950805063247_71754.2442_EHL97-1 at CompuServe.COM>

hiya all,

anyone know how to hook up all three at the same time?
the ts450, dsp-100 and the if232c for logging?  talked to 
kenwood today and a tech named ken told me that
kenwood did not plan for both to be hooked up at the same
time and that i probably did not need the dsp for contesting 
anyway.  i own both and would sure like to use both at the same
time.   for now my .55 kilo buck dsp100  is unplugged  when
contest time rolls around per kenwood.  

an article in the june 1992 qst about filter switching in the ts450
leads me to believe that it would be very doable to have 
both work at the same time.  

let me know if you have ever seen them both hooked up and
who knows how to do it.

thanks,  dale  nl7du  ...-.- 

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