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>WX0B solution to FT-1000 1000 microF capacitor discharge problem is typical
>over-kill which uses 2 diodes and another expensive 1 mF elco and DOES NOT
>help at all.  I prefer KISS approach to obvious manufacturers oversight.
>73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

I agree, since Mario's original post didn't give full details.  The
electrolytic he talks about is 1000Mf not 1mF as he originally stated.  I
think EU use m as meaning Thousands.....not our convention of m = micro.

Also he didtn't state that the Yeasu does supply a DC bias voltage which IS
good design for using an electrolytic.   Now all they needed to do was give
it a discharge path which they didn't.   The 100 ohm resistor used to
discharg the cap which Mario suggests  is a valid apporoach.  


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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 16:53:41 -0600
Subject: To Move or Not To Move
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I am seaking inputs from you, my fellow contesters, regarding the
following scenario:

During the North American QSO Party (in this case CW) I was able to
run stations on 20 meters at a high rate. This good fortune may
have been due to, in part, my state. I found that I was the only
station on during the contest from New Mexico and since multipliers
count on all 6 bands, I was asked to move to other bands. Sure, I did
my share of asking also.

Now, after working about 20 Texans and moving for about 1/2 of them,
I began to wonder why should I screw up my rate and lose my 20 mtr
freq to give out a mult? I saturated all the bands for the entire 
contest period and all thos guys that asked me to move would have
found there eventually.

So, I am wondering what, if any opinions exist regarding  the refusal 
to move to another band when 9 out of 10 times, the "asker" is gonna
find me later.

Sure, this aint no fancy contest with all the prestigious bragging
rights that go along with CQ WW but your opinion is still important
to me, especially you guys in Delaware, Montana, N and S Dokata,
etc  etc etc...

And before you Tex-i-cans get upset, I lived on that planet for 18
years, so chill out. Afterall, most of you beat me anyway (by one
or two mults).

73 de Hose KN5H

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