Ron Stone ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 12 20:06:11 EDT 1995

| Ron Stone, GW3YDX -    EMail ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk                 

Those of you who have seen my message on the Ten Tec Titan will be 
aware that I am looking for a new amplifier.

Needs to be capable of full US legal output and have a good QSK 
system. Bandpass tuning is preferable. Sort of thing I have in mind is 
Alpha 78A or similar. 

However the Alpha 78 is no longer made. I'm not in the 87A league. Too 
much and anyway I wud put the money into antennas.

What about the Command Technologies line - HF 2500, or the Ameritron 

Any info (good or bad stories) will help me in my choice.

Anyone with a used 78 or Ten Tec Titan. Shout out please !


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