Thanks for the info....

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Thu Aug 17 13:12:09 EDT 1995

Hi Jay...
If you are in an upper floor apartment, you will need to add ground radials
to your system to give the RF on the groundplane a way to dissipate, i.e. a
counterpoise... These are simply a 1/4 wave wire for each band attached to
the ground system and hung out a window, or out on a balcony,  or wound
around the base board of the room, or where ever your can put them... The MFJ
Artificial RF Ground will help, especially if you can only put out a single
counterpoise/ground wire...

For severe cases of RFI you can use the flashing to make a completely
shielded box around the gear... The front can be left open, or in extreme
cases, covered with a copper screen for the box front so you can see the
meters, and with only the knobs protruding...This may seem like overkill, but
if it makes enough difference to allow you to get on the air versus giving up
ham radio, then I consider it worth the time and effort...

GL ... Denny

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