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Fri Aug 18 15:01:25 EDT 1995

Hi Pat / Steve...
I agree with the thrust of your argument... b u t..... Regardless of the
code, threaded or not, and regardless of the brand name on the OS, the
computer has to have a copy of each program in RAM (i.e. ya can't multitask
on a 640K radio shack 1000)... If the OS has to resort to disk swapping of
code it is going to be _slow_  ... So, no matter whose multitasker is used,
you are going to have to have a minimum of 8 meg,  or more, to get it to
I have not used WinDoze95 yet (and i cheerfully admit to bias - based on
experience with WinDog for SnoozeGroups 3.11) but I have to believe
 Deskview/QEMM386 or OS/2 to be preferable... Having said that, I am willing
to watch someone demonstrate to me that 95 is a superior product...Be warned
that bells-n-whistles don't impress me in the least...Its gotta be quicker
than Freddy Kreuger's razor, tougher to crash than  Rambo, and friendlier
than the gal at the 1-900 number....

Steve... I'm getting bounced message returns on you... Did jolly ol' E fall
off the earth?

Cheers ... Denny

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