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Subject: IF DSP  Features&Benefits
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Aloha Bill,

I think an added benefit is the ability to provide much narrower
passbands.  I  have the Softwave digital receiver installed here 
with my computer.

It features the DSP at IF,  and does offer a wide array of IF passband
bandwidths.  These are very effective for both CW and, of course
SSB.  I  have used bot a 900 Hz and 1.1kHz passband on SSB 
signals in a very crowded segment on 20M,  and find  these to be
very effective dQRM slicers,  and surprisingly,  the audio modulation
is still very understadable,  but of course approaches tin-can
and string voice transmission  sound quality!

Anyway,  think people should wait and listen to such a receiver
before being to critical.  I am very sorry that Comsoft,  the manufac-
turer of my digital receiver has gotten into problems,  and is no
longer offering their products at this time;  the founding team seems
to have gotten into a squabble about rights and marketing
directions in which to take the product,  a battle between optimizing
for the SWL/ retail store fancy gadget market,  and the lefitimate
amateur radio market.  Everything has been in limbo at Comsoft
for many months now.  Too bad as the radio I have has a
superb spectrum analyzer display which showns not only
whatever segment of the ham band you want to monitor,  but
the bandwidth and position of the IF DSP you have selected.
For CW tis very neat;  ;you see an interesting looking very weak
signal "flashing" a few kHz up or down the band,  click the mouse
cursor on the signal,  and bingo,  it is centered in the IF passband
it's amplitude read out in dBm and nice and clear from the radios
speaker.  The Softwave receiver requires one full size AT card
to be added to your computer;  the RF stuff is in a separate enclosure
sitting near by.  A very neat set up.  Incidently,  it runs via Windoze,  and
can be multitasked with a DOS logger or windows logger.  I  have and
use both LOGic 4 for Windows and the WJ2O  Master Logger which
is a DOS program.  Of course my computer is a 90mHz pent,  and does
have 16 meg of RAM  and RAM drive set up.  So have no problems with
multitasking these programs.  Can also put up a proppredictor
simultaneously and just  ALT+TAB among them,  pretty neat.

Will be very interesting to see how Kenwood handles the IF DSP,
I also have the TS-950SDX,  and like the audio DSP it provides
and the CW waveform shaping provided by their DSP;  also use
and exteral audio line DSP,  the NIR-10.

Within 5 years,  or before the predicted peak in August 200q of
the next solar cycle,  we are going to see some outstanding new
rigs offored to us amateur radio HF  enthusiasts,  and they will be
fun to use whether for DX chasing or contesting, just wait and see! 

73 and Aloha,
Jim Reid, AH6NB (Happily retired on the Island of Kauai)
Hawaii,  USA     Email: jreid at

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