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John A. Ross, IV wb2k at ritz.mordor.com
Mon Aug 21 12:38:39 EDT 1995

FYI - I finally got around to calling TIC the other day to see if all
the huffin-n-puffin about a staggering price increase was true.

Well indeed it was. The smaller model 1022 is $1295. As Todd explained it,
when the Tic-Ring first came out, he had a plethora of commercial
customers. That allowed him to offer the rotor to hams at a somewhat
artificially low price. It also explains some of the peaks and valleys
regarding shipping time. As with all new products, there is an initial rush
to fill the vacuum of a new niche. Once that rush subsided, he explains,
the rotor now has to stand on it's own (pricewise), hence the price

He is not deaf though, and has heard the screams. To this end, TIC is
having a sale through Oct 20. The 1022 (up to 18" tower face) is now only
$889. The larger unit has been reduced as well.

That's still not cheap, but does bring things in line with
the high end rotor market. Most folks who have them are very happy with
them. When I first saw one at N2NU's I was very impressed with
the "heft" of the components. Order-to-ship time is presently about 7-10
days. Hope this was of some help.

73, John - WB2K

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