Contest writeup... Grow up already!

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Fri Aug 25 05:27:33 EDT 1995

>>Actually, Jim it's no joke, but very serious.


>>Again, I'm for the guys at CQ playing the game, 
>>but it is a serious issue for some.

!!!!! TOTALLY RIDICULOUS !!!!!    Do you really think that the 
people at CQ need to cheat to win?  I'd be surprised if John
checked his own log, and even if he did, do you really think 
that he'd be unfair?   Isn't that the same as cheating at the 
game of solitaire?    I think He along with all the other annual top teners
(or would that be tenors?) who happen to be with  
CQ are well above that type of behavior.  Get real.....  and get a sense of
humor already!    
                          On to the next thread.

Paul  WX9Eleven

>From laurence at (Laurence Mason)  Fri Aug 25 14:42:43 1995
From: laurence at (Laurence Mason) (Laurence Mason)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 13:42:43 BST
Subject: RSGB IOTA Contest
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There were a number of posts to the reflector with claimed scores
for the RSGB IOTA contest. So far I have only received one log
electronically, which I have acknowledged receipt of. If there are any
other logs out there please send them in to me. Even if you do not wish
to actually enter the contest (and get a copy of the results booklet)
then please send them in for us to use for checking purposes and mark
them as such.

I will acknowledge receipt of logs.


Laurence G4HTD

for the RSGB HF Contests Committee

laurence at    OR laurence at

>From Lars.Aronsson" <Lars.Aronsson at  Fri Aug 25 23:07:00 1995
From: Lars.Aronsson" <Lars.Aronsson at (Lars.Aronsson)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 15:07:00 PDT
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Here is a last reminder! Hope to see lots of contesters this weekend!
73, Lars SM3CVM

TOEC WW Grid Contest

The Top Of Europe Contesters (TOEC) hereby has the pleasure to invite all
amateur radio stations world wide to participate in the TOEC WW GRID CONTEST
1995. The contest is divided into two separate events, one for CW and one for
SSB. In 1994 the very first attempt was called TOEC field contest, but the
name was changed because many stations was confused by the name and thought
it was a field day. The word GRID is also probably more well known on a world
wide basis. 

       A grid is a 2x1 degree square, and a field is a 20x10 degree square as
defined by the Maidenhead system. Your national amateur radio society does
probably have more detailed information on grid squares. 


4'th weekend in August, Saturday 1200z - Sunday 1200z (1995: Aug 26-27) 


    1.Single Operator. Packet Cluster is not allowed. Stations using packet
is regarded as
           1.All band 
           2.Single band 
           3.Low power, only all band. Maximum output power 100 W. 
    2.Multi Operator. Only all band. All stations must be located within 500
meters diameter. 
           1.Single Transmitter. Stations must remain on a band for at least
10 minutes. Faster QSY allowed only for a new multiplier on another band. 
           2.Multi Transmitter. 
    3.Mobile stations. Only single op all band. If more than one field is
activated, all stations may be contacted once per field and band. The log
must clearly show the fields activated. 

The winner in each country (or US/VE call area) and class will receive a
certificate, providing that a resonable QSO total has been acheived. 


160 - 10 m bands are allowed. (Not 10, 18 and 24 MHz) 

Keep the following frequencies free from contest traffic: CW 3500-3510,
7000-7010, 14000-14010,
21000-21010, 28000-28010 SSB 3600-3650, 3790-3800, 7040-7045, 14100-14125,
21100-21175, 28200-28300 

Mobile stations includes both /M and /MM stations. 


RST + grid identifier according to the Maidenhead system, i.e. 599 JP73 (two
letters + two figures) 


Each field (ie JP, KO, EM etc) worked gives 1 multiplier per band. 


Fixed stations

       QSO with stations outside your continent gives 3 points. 
       QSO with own continent (including QSO with same country) gives 1
       QSO with mobile stations gives 3 points, regardless of QTH. 

Mobile stations

       All QSO's gives 3 points. 

Each station can be contacted once per band. 

Exception: Mobile stations (both /M and /MM) may be contacted again,
providing that the mobile station have changed field since the previous QSO.
These additional QSO's gives no QSO points, only multiplier credit. Note!
Mobile stations may credit QSO points for additional QSO's. 

Final score

Multiply the total QSO point score with the number of fields worked on all


The log must be checked for dupes, correct scoring and multiplier credits.
Indicate the multipliers only the first time they are worked. Use separate
logs for each band. Include a summary sheet with
the regular contents, and a dupe-sheet for all bands with more than 300 QSO. 

The log may be submitted on DOS-formatted disks. Use ASCII, CT or N6TR style
files. Name the file with your call. (i.e. SM3SGP.LOG) Enclose a signed
summary sheet. Send a SASE or SAE+1 IRC if you want confirmation that the log
has been received. 

Logs can also be submitted via e-mail (Internet or X.400) Send the file in
the same format as above
to one of the following addresses. 

       toec at (preferred) 
       L.J.Silvergran at (alt.) 

A confirmation message will be sent to confirm that the log has been

The log must be postmarked not later than 30 days after the contest. Mail
your logs to: 
Box 2063
S-831 02 OSTERSUND Sweden 

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