Sat Aug 26 19:35:47 EDT 1995

Hi Barry: 

I think maybe it is time for me to quit playing with RUFZ. There is too much
antenna work to be done around here to keep playing with this thing. Besides,
I need to put my computer back into it's case and after that won't be able to
use the headphones. 

Some observations: 

My best scores have come with a PARIS starting speed of 300. 

With a database of 13001 calls, after 200 plus attempts, I am starting to
know some of the calls if I hear part of a callsign. 

I am missing most of the calls by one letter, usually i,s,h,g,z,a,u etc. I
sit and try to decide, was that an e or an i? At that point it becomes a
guess. 50/50 chance.  
With enough attempts, it would be possible to guess right enough times on a
particular run and raise my score a bit more, but what would that accomplish?

At high speeds, the program seems to drop the dit from the number 1. 

Best speed so far was 480 from a starting speed of 300 with a score of 39K

Now I can consistently score in the 39K to 42K range on most of the runs. I
have to be hearing particularly well to get above that, but have had several
44 and 45K runs at 416 to 446 PARIS. This is my first high speed CW reception
in many years...can't hear as well as when younger. Too many years around
high noise 400 HP diesel mining equipment. 

Have found that my best runs always occur within 3 or 4 attempts when first
sitting down on a particular day. After that the score drops 2 to 3 K. 

By the way, the program seems to like some calls more than others.
KH0/JE1CKA, W3LPL, 5W1GP, etc. Guess Frank gets through the pileups even on a
CONTEST without antennas. 

Hope you break 50K. 

73, Chas N8RR   (RUFZ retired) 

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Sat Aug 26 23:57:15 1995
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 12:57:15 -1000
Subject: Win95, mutitsk DOS&Windoze prgms.
Message-ID: <199508262254.MAA28964 at>

Hi All,

Re the threads on multitasking.  Have gotten Win95 up and running.
Multitasks WJ2O Master Logger,  Mini-prop, my windows running
radio -in-the computer Softwave rcvr just fine!  Actually RF and IF stuff
of the Softwave is in a box outside the computer,  but the digital stuff
is on a full-size plug in card.

Tho had been running both  the WJ2O logger and Mini-prop from
icons under Win. 3.11,  Win95 eliminated them!  So bring them up
using the MS-DOS  prompt,  minimize to the lower task bar after
each is running,  then can bring up the windows programs,  and
multitask away among them.  Incidently,  have yet to figure out 
how to start a program,  like WJ2O.exe from the Win95 Explorer
(the new equivalent of File Manager,  all the .xxx  file designators
seem to have vanished,  so don't know which file to double

Tried to also simultaneosly control the TS-950 with the Kentrol
windows controller of Kenwood rigs,  but  couldn't get to the
com port;  guess Dave's logger has it locked-up so his
program can keep track of where the rig is tuned.

Also found I could sync the computer clock to within a second
or less of WWV using the Comsoft in-the-computer radio.

Am sure there will be many more fascinating experiences to report
as the  "old"  programs are tried under Win95.  
73 and Aloha,
Jim Reid, AH6NB (Happily retired on the Island of Kauai)
Hawaii,  USA     Email: jreid at

>From James White <0006492564 at>  Sun Aug 27 03:32:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at> (James White)
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 21:32 EST
Subject: Remote antenna selection
Message-ID: <33950827023233/0006492564PK4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

lemme re-phrase my request....more generically

Does anyone have experience using their computer to switch a remote antenna
selction device that uses 110vac? 

I am using the old W0MLY (Antenna Mart) 8 position antenna switch which has
a large 8 position ceramic rotary antenna switch mechanically driven by a
110 volt step motor.

If you have a device that is driven by your LPT port that turns its output
into 110V on a given "terminal", lemme know. 

I can use NPN transistors to drive low voltage relay coils, but I would have
to buy eight relays...and 8 NPNs....8 resistors....etc, etc. and buy the
CMOS decoder IC...other than the relays, this isn't a lot of bucks...but it
would be a major project for this QCAO. I may be able to find inexpensive
relays at an upcoming hamfest, but...

I know that Top Ten devices is willing to fabricate something for me, but
before I go "commercial" lemme see what others have done.

Please reply to: 

                        k1zx at

                                        thanks,   Jim  zx                   

>From De Syam <syam at>  Sun Aug 27 03:44:08 1995
From: De Syam <syam at> (De Syam)
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 22:44:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Radio Vatican QRM
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950826223140.5263B-100000 at>

 Since there has been a fair amount of interest in the broadband noise on 
40 meters which appears to emanate from Radio Vatican on 7305 KHz. (and 
on 20 meters from Radio Vatican on 13765 KHz.), I am reporting the 
following for what it is worth:

My friend LU3HAK, who is a house guest of mine now, spent some time at 
Radio Vatican this summer where he discussed, among other things, the QRM 
mentioned above.  (They didn't know anything about it, but within the 
past year have installed a new set of 500 KW. Telefunken transmitters to 
replace some older transmitters which have now been retired.)

The only amateur radio operator on the Radio Vatican staff at the 
transmitter site at Santa Maria de Galeria, where the 7305 KHz. 
transmitter is located, is:

      Marco Girolami, I0JBK

He is not in the Callbook because ARI provides the Italian list to the 
Callbook and it provides only the list of its members, and I0JBK is not a 

                                           Very 73,

                                         Fred Laun, K3ZO    


>From Roland A. Anders ("Rol")" <AB88%CATCC.BITNET at VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU  Sun Aug 27 06:06:31 1995
From: Roland A. Anders ("Rol")" <AB88%CATCC.BITNET at VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU (Roland A. Anders ( Rol ))
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 01:06:31 EDT
Subject: High beams at W3LPL
Message-ID: <27AUG95.01197568.0054.MUSIC at CATCC>

Bill:  Frank suggested that I drop you a note regarding his
high 20 meter beam in reply to your posting that a very
high beam is often inferior to a lower ant.  In a word, not
so!  There are times when the stacks at 50/100 feet are
slightly better than the high beam, but not often.  And
no matter where the new multiplier under the pileup, Tyler
and I invariably point the 200 ft beam when we get impatient to break
the pile.  Even SA or AF.  I do use the stacks once the
band open to EU in the AM.  On the long hauls and "non-
standard" paths (especially in the wee hours when the band
is not really open) the high beam is MUCH better (stuff like
working eastern europe with the beam of the south pole, long
path to the Far East and western pacific over the southeast
path, etc.)  However, the other side is this:  Those who have
never used a 200 foot high 5 element 20 m beam would be
astonished how seldom it is much better than the 50 ft or 100
foot 5 el!  My conclusion is that a good monobander at moderate
height in a good location (unobstucted horizon) is not
much down from a really high beam. Tyler and I won 20 meters
a couple of years back with the high beam totally out of commission
due to ice/wind damage--so the lack of the 200' "Rock Crusher" is
not the end of the world!  But, in response to your question--
it is rarely inferior to the lower antennas.  Note Tyler's
comment about the 200 foot high 10 meter beam--its a killer
even to stateside in the 10 meter contest, and it is 6 or 7 wavelengths
high!  Glad to hear more of your thoughts.  73, de Rol K3RA

>From Greg Becker <gb546 at>  Sun Aug 27 12:34:05 1995
From: Greg Becker <gb546 at> (Greg Becker)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 07:34:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Remote antenna selection
Message-ID: <Pine.A32.3.91.950827073209.25068A-100000 at>

> I know that Top Ten devices is willing to fabricate something for me, but
> before I go "commercial" lemme see what others have done.

IMHO, if Dave is willing to do it for you, you're wasting your time 
looking for another way. Top Ten's products are well-made, and Dave's 
after-the-sale support is second-to-none. I recommend Top Ten without 

73, Greg

Greg Becker NA2N
gb546 at

>From Roy Hradilek <73374.2465 at>  Sun Aug 27 15:12:35 1995
From: Roy Hradilek <73374.2465 at> (Roy Hradilek)
Date: 27 Aug 95 10:12:35 EDT
Subject: NA Quack Party - W5NN
Message-ID: <950827141235_73374.2465_DHS57-1 at CompuServe.COM>

                         Band      QSOs    Mults
                         160         18      10
                          80         74      32
                          40        208      48
                          20        375      49
                          15         12      12
                          10         70      14
                         Total...   757     165

                              Score: 124,905

I was  planning a  multi-single for this contest (my first), and in the final
week learned that the only multi  category in  this contest  is multi-2. More
preparation  was  needed  to  re-tool  the  AD5Q QTH for SSB and for a second
station on the high bands (I only have one beam - a KT34-XA at 104 ft).

KB5YVT, the trustee for our club call (W5NN)  dropped off  a Cushcraft 10-4CD
just before  leaving for his dream: a fishing trip in KL7. We rebuilt it in 2
hours, optimizing for gain (instead of  front-to-back). It  took 3 afternoons
to get  it up  on a  35 foot  push-up pole (mistake). The antenna played very
well, beating the high beam on 10 meter stateside signals by about 3 S-Units.
It was  also much  quieter. During  the contest we made 70 Q's on 10: lots of
KE4's (evil sounding rednecks).

On 20 & 15 we used  KC5AMA &  KC5HTX, half  of our  teenage Field  Day novice
team. The  Heil boomset  broke early on, and the mike we used for the rest of
the contest didn't put out very well. This probably cost us about  100 Q's on
20.  My  new  40  meter  wire  beam  played well. I think all of us need more
experience on lowband SSB. The idea behind this effort was to Elmer  some new
contesters,  and  not  operate  myself.  In  the last hours of the contest we
didn't have enough ops, so I  ended up  doing much  of the  lowband operating

Our other goal was to beat another local multi operation that is known to run
substantially more that 150 watts in this contest (according to  their former
operators and  an NAQP  video showing the glowing tubes). We ran 100 watts on
all bands except 40, where we were able to squeeze 150 watts out of a TS-440.
The competition  is rumored  to have made about 850 Q's, but we think we beat
them in mults and score.

The "Quack" thing worked out very  well, though  there were  some experienced
contesters scratching  their heads.  The locals  know this really is my nick-
name. It beats the heck out of using phonetics on weak ones. 

         Ops: KC5AMA & KC5HTX (teenage novices), KG5OW, KK5GJ & AD5Q

                       73... de Able Ducky Five Quack

>From Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole at>  Sun Aug 27 16:28:26 1995
From: Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole at> (Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 10:28:26 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: TIC-RING reduced prices
Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.91.950827102424.23592C-100000 at>

Yep - its true.

John, WB2K, forwarded me a copy of the message he had posted not too long 
ago, noting the 1022 ring HAD been reduced to $889 for a "limited time".

Call 1-800-TIC-RING.

Had a guy who offered to sell me a 1 year old 1022 for not too much less 
then the sale price of a new unit.  Guess HE had not heard of the sale 

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

PROBE ELECTRONICS 100 Higgins Road, Park Ridge IL 60068 USA
Keith J. Morehouse / WB9TIY / Society of Midwest Contesters
708-696-2828  FAX: 708-698-2045  e-mail: blckhole at

>From Rob Shapiro <ND3A at>  Sun Aug 27 23:53:25 1995
From: Rob Shapiro <ND3A at> (Rob Shapiro)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 15:53:25 PDT
Subject: CQWW internal memo [eyes only!]
Message-ID: <Chameleon. at>

A contest at W3LPL's (or anywhere) is just not the same without W3ZZ to lift our 
spirits in our time of need!

Rob Shapiro - ND3A
Potomac Valley Radio Club
Internet: nd3a at
PacketCluster: ND3A > N3RR

---------------Original Message---------------
FROM:	Douglas S. Zwiebel  KR2Q
TO:	John Dorr K1AR
RE:	conflict of interest
Hi John...boy we really have 'em fooled, don't we.  They really think
that all those N2AA/K2GL wins (4 committee members), the N2RM wins, the
PJ1B, K1AR, K1DG, S50A, P40E (CT1BOH), and K6NA wins (just to name a few)
were 'by skill'.  I hope they never look too closely at my still existing
USA QRP record.  Boy oh boy John, you were right, they really are stupid.
And I bet that they also think the dozen or so trophies we sponsor actually
get paid for by us too!  I wonder if Donovan ever realized that he didn't
start winning until W3ZZ got there?
73's for now (shhhhhh!)
Doug KR2Q at

----------End of Original Message----------

>From km9p at (Bill Fisher)  Sun Aug 27 18:05:26 1995
From: km9p at (Bill Fisher) (Bill Fisher)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 13:05:26 -0400
Subject: Marking home brew boxes
Message-ID: <199508271705.NAA25293 at>

I've been busy building my Upper/Lower/Both switch boxes for controlling the
transco relays I will have up on the tower....

What do you guys use to mark these things and have it look good?  I heard
some guys on the local repeater saying there were some clear sheets that you
can feed through a laser printer. 

Any ideas?  I'll summarize... I don't think anyone has asked this before.

Please email me.  NOT THE LIST.

KM9P at IS.NET - Check to make sure you aren't sending a CC to the list before
clicking on that SEND button!


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