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Rob Snieder PA3ERC norf at euronet.nl
Sat Aug 26 22:50:36 EDT 1995

TL922 (400 watts)

>From Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at mcimail.com>  Sun Aug 27 19:08:00 1995
From: Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at mcimail.com> (Kurt Pauer)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 13:08 EST
Subject: Contest Free Zones
Message-ID: <60950827180806/0006743923ND4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

The CAC has been discussing the possibility of creating "contest free
zones" for ARRL contests.  The discussions are informal and there
seems to be an even split for and against.  Historically, the CAC has
not made recommendations for change unless there is at least 75 % or
more vote for the change.  I believe that AA2DU (CAC Chairman) will
continue that trend.  So there is no imminent change being considered,
but the discussions are ongoing, especially for the upper 25 kHz of the
20 meter band.  I am personally opposed to the idea on 20 meters.  As
is the case with many of us, I only operate about 8 or 10 days a year 
(four of them SSB) and I don't like the idea of being limited in the use 
of FCC authorized frequencies.  I find it difficult to put this view-
point in perspective for the overall amateur community, but Alan Dorhoffer,
K2EEK, has done a superb job in his Zero Bias editorial for September
CQ.  I recommend that contesters as well as non-contesters read this 
editorial.  It is well balanced and written by a respected member of
our great hobby.  After you have gotten tired of reading and rereading
the CQWW SSB Results, go back and read Zero Bias; it's great.
Thanks, Alan.
                           Kurt Pauer, W1PH
                           CAC, New England Rep

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