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Hi Scott...
Bose, among others, make aircraft headsets which combine active noise
reduction of low frequencies, along with <excellent> passive reduction of
high frequencies.... These are expensive ($400 - $900), but are available
from aircraft suppliers... I'm not sure I can wear one of these for 48 hours
because of weight and clamping pressure... A 6 or 7 hour flight is about my
They do _work_ ..... :>)


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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 08:06:50 -0600
Subject: Coaxial cable splices and Dow Corning RTV
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Figured I had better look up the part number that I wasn't sure of for the
Dow Corning RTV.  RTV is a silicone rubber and the right part number for a
non-corrosive (no acetic acid) version is 3140 (not 9130).

Quoting from the tube:  "Dow Corning (R) 3140 RTV Coating is designed
specifically for electronic applications.  It is used to provide protective
coatings for electronic components, especially where compatibility with
copper is essential."

This stuff is a lot thinner than the usual Silicone Rubber and cures by
exposure to moisture in the air--meaning it is pretty slow to cure in dry
climates like Colorado.

Any good CONTEST station should always have some handy.

73  John  W0UN

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Subject: CQ WW, The Internet and Packet?
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> > > Steve, W4/YV5DTA writes:
> > > I was wouder, if is legal during CQ WW to use a internet
> > > connection to connect to a packet cluster and rx spots?

To which Takao KUMAGAI responds:

> The CQ WW RULE describes on the use of non amateure related 
> sources.
>  =======
> XII. DISQUALIFICATION: {stuff deleted}
>       The use of non-amateur means such as telephones, telegrams,
> etc., to elicit contacts or multipliers during a contest is 
> unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to disqualification.
>  =============

This could be a tricky "rule interpretation".

The rule, as quoted by Tack, states it's unsportsmanlike to ELICIT
contacts via non-amateur means.

So I looked it up to be clear:
elicit (î-lîs´ît) verb, transitive
1.	To bring or draw out (something latent); educe.
2.	To call forth (a reaction, for example). See Synonyms at evoke.

IMHO, PacketCluster does not "draw out" or "call forth" DX multipliers.
It simply notifies you that they are there.  I think that the above
rule was written to not allow telephoning your buddy in some far away
place to tell him to turn on the radio and work you.

Yes, some purists may think that amateur radio means ONLY.  But by the
current rules, packetcluster does not "elicit" contacts or multipliers.
And, by "the spirit of the rules", maybe a spotting network is a 
spotting network.

Please, no flames.  Just another perspective.

Chad Kurszewski   WE9V                        chad_kurszewski at

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