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Wed Aug 30 12:38:49 EDT 1995

I am inclined to disagree with Walt's assumptions regarding
spotting through the Internet.   This is really a grey area as
regards using "amateur means" during the contest.  If your
local PacketCluster is accessed on 2 meters, and it uses an
Internet link to another cluster, your portion of the link IS via
amateur radio. However, the Internet connection is clearly NOT
an amateur means of communication.

I feel that this is an issue that needs to be looked at in the near
future, as it will have greater and greater relevance as more of
the world comes on-line.  I also am unsure of the value of
DX spots from a great distance away, given the obvious propagation
differences that will exist.  What good is a European 80 meter
SE Asia opening during the middle of the afternoon in the
US?  It might be useful from a statistical or informational
viewpoint, but has little merit (my opinion) during the heat
of battle.

This is an issue the CAC might look into, provided there
is indication that this is happening on a regular basis.  Any
thoughts on the matter can be directed to your local CAC rep,
whose E-mail address can be found on KA9FOX's WWW page
or US Mail addresses are published in QST once in a while.
If you're unsure who your rep is,  E-mail Billy Lunt at ARRL HQ (blunt at



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It's not a bug...It's a feature!

>From Bud Semon" <Bud_Semon at  Wed Aug 30 10:44:54 1995
From: Bud Semon" <Bud_Semon at (Bud Semon)
Date: 30 Aug 1995 09:44:54 U
Subject: Antenna Question(s)
Message-ID: <n1402346466.76557 at>

With CONTEST season upon us (Calif. QSO Party on Oct. 7-8, I'll be in Imperial
Co.), I'm trying for even minor improvements in my antennas.  Over the years,
I've had good luck with delta loops for 40 and 80, oriented with a flat side
on the top and fed at a top corner, coax shield to the bottom V and center
conductor to the flat top side.  Of course, its matched to 50 ohms with a 75
ohm 1/4 wave section.  My question is: Is this the optimum configuration?  Is
a square better?  Should it be fed on the side, top, bottom or corner?  My
guess is that horizontal polarization would be best for receiving (lower
susceptibility to noise) and I'm not sure what polarization I have with my
present setup.  I'd really appreciate help from you modelling gurus, but I'll
consider SWAGs also.  Thanks in advance.

73, Bud  N7CW/6
bud_semon at

>From Bud Semon" <Bud_Semon at  Wed Aug 30 11:04:23 1995
From: Bud Semon" <Bud_Semon at (Bud Semon)
Date: 30 Aug 1995 10:04:23 U
Subject: Antenna Question(s) Rev. A
Message-ID: <n1402345492.35055 at>

Oops, forgot some important stuff.  The maximum height I have available (from
trees) is about 60 feet for the 40 M loop.  Ground conductivity is poor. 
Thanks again.

73 Bud N7CW/6
bud_semon at

>From slay at (Sandy Lynch)  Wed Aug 30 18:22:01 1995
From: slay at (Sandy Lynch) (Sandy Lynch)
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 10:22:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Macintosh Contest S/W
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RE:  Contest logging s/w for the Macintosh
Note: - Windows/DOS users will not find this message to be of interest.

> Somewhere there is a program for the Mac called Marathon that is suppose to
> be a contest program. The Kenwood BBS has a demo copy but its corrupted and
> cannot be downloaded. 
> <deleted>
> Can anyone give a lead where to find Marathon.... and has anyone used it?

Sure, I have been using Marathon for Macintosh for several years now.
I believe the latest version is 4.0 .... it was written by Kevin Krueger
N0IOS who can often be found lurking on this CQ-CONTEST reflector ...
although I doubt that he is likely reluctant to try and promote his program
here.  The program supports a lot of the major contests (e.g CQ, ARRL, IARU,
All-Asian, etc) and also has a "GENERIC" mode.  I've used CT and TR-Log
when operating from M/M and M/S stations, but I frankly prefer the ease
of use of MARATHON when operating single op and/or from home.  Rig control
is also available for various Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu rigs.

I'll be happy to provide further info to anyone who wants it.  BTW, I have
no pecuniary interest in Marathon ... I just like the program.

Sandy  WA6BXH/7J1ABV
slay at

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