Quik-disconnect connectors for avoiding ZAPPED

00tlzivney at bsuvc.bsu.edu 00tlzivney at bsuvc.bsu.edu
Thu Aug 31 12:03:43 EDT 1995

What type of quik-disconnect connectors would you recommend for rotor
cables, beverage control cables, etc?  It would be nice to have a few
connectors with lots of pins, rather than a lot of small connectors to 
deal with (or so I think!)  As always, price and current availability
is of concern for the low-budget CONTEST station builder.

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

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From: sellington" <sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Date: 31 Aug 1995 11:25:16 -0500
Subject: Quik-disconnect connectors for avoiding ZAPPED
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I found a couple 61 pin MS (round) connectors at Dayton for this 

Scott  K9MA
sellington at ssec.wisc.edu

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