Quick disconnect connectors

wstrahl at nwscb.att.com wstrahl at nwscb.att.com
Thu Aug 31 14:25:00 EDT 1995

I had used the 'Jones' connectors available from Allied or Newark but
it was always kinda tedious soldering all the wires to the connector
pins.  Currently I use the 8 pin male/female polarized connectors from
The Wireman. I think they're actually trailer connectors.  The plugs
are nicely encapsulated with #12 wire pigtails attached to the pins.
You end up doing wire end-to-end splices rather than soldering pins.
Buy twice as many males as females (or vice-versa) and you have an easy
way to quickly jumper everything to ground.  I don't remember the current
price, but they're in the Wireman catalog from Landrum, S.C.
Wireman # 800-727-9473.

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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95 17:57 EST
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...sounds like Bob is all set for single op two radios...he is qrv for the
close radio with the left eye and all set for the far radio with the right
eye....or was that the other way around?


de N4BP:

Should have thrown my comment in earlier, although it is not really an 
option...  Several years ago, I had surgery to re-attach a retina.  After 
surgery, my right eye became nearsighted.  Due to the aging process, my 
left eye became farsighted.  Sooo, I can sit at the operating position, 
look around the shack with left eye, or concentrate on the computer 
monitor with my right eye.  Bad eyesight, but no glasses needed. 

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