K0SF TOWER CUP: Need Data on Bird Strike

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at prairienet.org
Thu Aug 31 23:48:07 EDT 1995

>Fred Laun wrote:
>"...big flocks of blackbirds form up and head south over my QTH."
>"I am not aware of any birds having been killed or injured in collisions 
>with my three towers..."

Somebody once told me that if birds are still flying through your yard, 
you don't have enough antennas up.

Maybe the bird problem is only a symptom of a larger, more serious 
situation?  :)


Sean Kutzko                                          Amateur Radio: KF9PL
Urbana, IL                                           DXCC:304 worked/299 cfmd
      "It's those rock and roll hours, early graves without flowers...
                  Please, darlin'... put my mind at rest."

>From Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU>  Fri Sep  1 12:42:57 1995
From: Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU> (Rick Niswander)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 07:42:57 EDT
Subject: Sprint

     The September Sprints are getting close.  CW is a week from now (the
weekend of the 9th) and Phone is a week later (weekend of the 16th).  Make
plans now.
     Start getting your teams together.  If you want to send me your team
info for Phone you can use e-mail, telephone, even US mail.  Just make
sure you get me the info prior to the start of the contest.  Leaving a
message on the answering machine is also ok.
     CU in the Sprints.  Listen hard.

               Rick, K7GM       aoniswan at ecuvm.cis.ecu.edu

>From Will Sill <will at epix.net>  Fri Sep  1 12:55:23 1995
From: Will Sill <will at epix.net> (Will Sill)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 07:55:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: K0SF TOWER CUP: Need Data on Bird Strike
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950901075000.708G-100000 at mango.epix.net>

Hey contesters - probably 99% of us think it is idiotic to worry about 
birds flying into towers - but the guy with the problem of dealing with 
an idiotic zoning board needs HELP - not just funny retorts. Why not 
flood him with your factual information: your tower of x feet elevation 
up y years in what kinda environment with <usually ZERO> known instances 
of birds striking tower. If the man has enough of these and they are 
honest reports, he can make the zoning bozos look ridiculous - even to

will at epix.net - KD3XR - W F Sill, Tunkhannock, PA

>From Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at arrl.org  Fri Sep  1 14:32:00 1995
From: Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 09:32:00 EDT
Subject: 8-pin quick-disconnect plugs...
Message-ID: <30470C08 at arrl.org>


Wayne - W9II  (wstrahl at nwsca.nw.att.com) wrote:
>Currently I use the 8 pin male/female polarized connectors from The 
>I think they're actually trailer connectors.  I don't remember the current 
price, but >they're in the Wireman catalog...

Being interested in this system, I called this morning and asked for a 
catalog, the catalogs are $3 a copy.  And the 8-pin "trailer plugs" are $5 
ea. plus shipping.

Wireman  (800) 727-9473.
261 Pittman Road
Landrum, SC  29356

73, Glenn, KB1GW

>From Don Anderson <bigdon at eskimo.com>  Fri Sep  1 15:11:40 1995
From: Don Anderson <bigdon at eskimo.com> (Don Anderson)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 07:11:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: K0SF TOWER CUP: Need Data on Bird Strike
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950901070858.17143B-100000 at eskimo.com>

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Will Sill wrote:

> Hey contesters - probably 99% of us think it is idiotic to worry about 
> birds flying into towers - but the guy with the problem of dealing with 
> an idiotic zoning board needs HELP - not just funny retorts. Why not 
> flood him with your factual information: your tower of x feet elevation 
> up y years in what kinda environment with <usually ZERO> known instances 
> of birds striking tower. If the man has enough of these and they are 
> honest reports, he can make the zoning bozos look ridiculous - even to
> themselves!
> will at epix.net - KD3XR - W F Sill, Tunkhannock, PA
If you want to have some real fun, those idiotic zoning bozos you 
describe congregate on  alt.planning.urban  .

Big Don
No LOOTed Freedoms !!

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Fri Sep  1 00:43:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95 18:43 EST
Subject: Internet Spots - Are they okay?
Message-ID: <33950831234333/0006492564PK5EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Of course using Internet derived spotting information is NOT alright...

The use of telphones is NOT alright...
2 Meter spotting nets (RIP) or Packet are OK...

Once a contest starts it is Amateur Radio that is being "tested"....not the
connections one has via the Internet or with a long distance company.

Contests are Amateur Radio events...how do we use our hamming ability during
those "48" hours to make more points in our Assisted, Multi-single or
multi-multi than the next guys - NOT BY POSTINGS TO THE INTERNET AND NOT BY
If someone cannot make the distinction between hamming and hacking then he
has not spent enough time hamming.

How can there be any question on this point?
                                  Jim    zx               k1zx at mcimail.com

>From sfraasch at ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch)  Fri Sep  1 18:50:07 1995
From: sfraasch at ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch) (Steve Fraasch)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 1995 10:50:07 -0700
Subject: K0SF CUP: GOOD NEWS !
Message-ID: <1995Sep01.105000.1180.64542 at msm.atk.com>

To All:

I agree use of the contest reflector should be reserved for contesting,
but this topic seemed to be of great interest to many, and relevant to 

First off, as of 9:45 CDT, 31 Aug, the Corcoran, MN city council


At the last minute, I managed to persuade a prominent birder, Mr. Robert 
editor of 32 years of the MN Ornithologist Union's journal, "The Loon," and 
writer of
numerous ornithology books, to appear and testify.
He was able to the opponents other expert's testimony quite
effectively.  He claimed the
swans lived in my wetlands (I have no confirmed spottings),
and were especially vulnerable
to power lines, towers, and other structures.

The atmosphere was not as contentious as the previous 7 hearings; the 
were limited to 3-5 minutes, with discussion limited to
only the impacts alleged in the environmental quality board petition.

Of possible use to the fraternity (and now you'll understand his value):
Mr. Janssen conducted a 1 year study on short tower bird strikes on
behalf of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), who is applying to a metro suburb
for 3 ea 395' am towers.

Mr. Janssen's study group found no strikes whatsoever, after studying 4
other tower sites (3 ea 260 AM, 127' and 195' AM, 295' Cellular,
and NSP powerlines in nearby wetlands).

Conclusion: Towers of these heights cause insignificant kills, if at all.

Now, I have the study, but for its use, one must obtain permission from
Svoboda Franklin J & Associates, and MPR (ask me and I'll get you the POCs).
Mr. Janssen is a first class gentleman, so I don't want to over-extend him.
However, I think this material would be rendered to an amateur or his
attorney upon request, as it was to me.

I read some of your e-mail testimonials last night to the council, but had 
of them available for record.  They're all in my continuity file, and I will
condense them into a text file to make available on request.

My mayor (who voted against the EAW) said that the ham's testimony
was relevant and crucial, since no other ham tower-bird strike data
were available.

Also, heros of the evenings are:

Jay Bellows, K0QBE, ARRL volunteer counsel
What else can I say about Jay ? He's simply the best.

Dave Wester, K0IEA, for his appearance and testimony

and Bob Garwood, N0BG, for his extremely relevant testimony of a 130'
tower he owned near a wildlife area, and endorsement letter from a DNR
official citing no affect of the tower on the trumpeteer swans and other 
birds in the area.  He had appeared without asking; only by reading about
it in our local paper.  I had forgotten all about that, but he showed on his
own initiative.

Again, any and all of my experience and doucumentation are available upon 

Pardon the pun:  Us "birds of a feather" need to stick together on tower 

Legal action may pursued in court, but we're ready.

Very 73 and again thanks for the wonderful testimony,

Steve Fraasch, K0SF

>From wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner  W7LZP)  Fri Sep  1 10:51:10 1995
From: wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner  W7LZP) (Bill Turner  W7LZP)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 1995 09:51:10 +0000
Subject: Windows file editor
Message-ID: <199509011651.JAA01910 at mail.eskimo.com>

As contesters, those of us using computerized logging have a need to edit
our electronic paperwork after the contest is over.  For some time I've been
using the edit.com program that comes with MS-DOS, or notepad.exe that comes
with Windows 3.1.  While both of those are ok, I've recently found a far
better program and I'd like to share it with you.  It's a Windows program
called Programmer's File Editor (PFE).  Don't let the "Programmer's" part
fool you -- it was designed to edit programs like BASIC and others, but it
is very useful for editing or just reading all those .TXT files we
accumulate off the Internet.

The program is highly configurable to suit your tastes.  It has just about
every feature one could ever want such as saving cursor position, opening
window size and many, many others, and the best part of all is it's FREE!!
It's not even shareware -- it's freeware.  Why the author gives away a
program that could easily be sold, I have no idea, but hey -- there it is,
so why not take advantage of it??

The program is available by ftp from any of the SimTel archive sites such as
ftp.coast.net, oak.oakland.edu and others.  You'll find it in the
SimTel/win3/editor/ directory as pfe0601.zip.  Just unzip it and you're off.
There is no manual as such, but the online help screens are all you need.
In fact, the amount of help is astonishing.  Again, this IS a Windows
program.  The author doesn't mention DOS, so I doubt that a DOS version is

One quick suggestion to make it even more useful:  remove the notepad.exe
file from your Windows directory and move pfe.exe there and rename it
notepad.exe.  That way, any other program that automatically opens notepad
will open PFE instead and the program won't ever know the difference.  To
avoid confusing your computer, make that the only copy of PFE on your
system.  At first, I had PFE duplicated in it's own directory and the two
.INI files occasionally got confused.  This way it works like a charm.  

The usual disclaimer:  I have no connection with the author other than as a
more than satisfied user.  If you like the program, let him know.  If you
come up with any nifty little tips or ideas, let both of us know.  I hope
you like it as much as I do!!

73, Bill  W7LZP
wrt at eskimo.com

>From Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com>  Fri Sep  1 18:21:57 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 10:21:57 -0700
Subject: Something funny
Message-ID: <199509011721.KAA13764 at cascade.cmicro.com>


I found this laying around and figured most of you would enjoy it. 

Log checkers guide to cq-contest.

Welcome to the CQ-CONTEST reflector.  Since you are a log checker or contest
sponsor, I felt a special message was in order to explain the proper 
etiquette here.

One of the first things to be aware of, is that everyone has an opinion, and
as has been pointed out many times, even little pistols can be heard on the
internet.  The hassle factor of communicating with you has been lowered 
below the noise level, and you will hear 100 times the complaints that you
used to hear (maybe more).

Since it has been proven by the IRS that it is impossible to set up rules 
that make everyone happy, there will ALWAYS be negative comments about
your event each time it is held.  

Also, since it is impossible to make communication easy enough to get 
positive comments, you will rarely get these, although you will get
slightly more of these than you used to.  The bummer is that it won't
seem like it because of the 20 db increase in complaints.

People will expect you to respond to their every idea.  Examples include:

CATEGORY 1 : Wouldn't it be nice if the writeup would:

  - list low power stations.
  - list people who used two radios.
  - talked more about my score.
  - detailed what the competition was using.
  - was longer.
  - etc.  (you get the idea).

CATEGORY 2 : Wouldn't the contest be better if it:

 - had more multipliers
 - had less multipliers
 - was shorter
 - was longer
 - was held at another time
 - had more off time
 - had less off time

CATEGORY 3 : Rule clarifications

 - what if my cousin came over to operate and used my call, can he work me?

 - what if someone at a multi-multi goes to another station and uses a
   different call, can he work the multi-multi?

 - If my brother in law lives in a rare section, and my wife if talking to 
   him on the phone and she mentions that I am in the Sprint, then he remembers
   that I missed his state last time and then turns on the radio and works
   me, is that okay as long as I never knew about it.

 - If I am using a packet network and one of the links is made on the same
   band that I am operating on, do I have to factor that transmission into
   the calculation of my on time for that band per the ten minute rule.

CATEGORY 4 : Complaints about other participants

 - ***** was running over 1500 watts.

 - K5** couldn't of really worked that station without loosing too much rate.

 - KR0* obviously was making skeds because he couldn't of possibly worked
   4 more mults than I did.

 - K3Z* came and took my frequency away without asking if it was in use.

There are many more categories as you can imagine.  The other interesting
fact is that you used to think you had a lot of complaints from non
contesting hams because of the QRM the contest generated.  However, you
will now find out that these non contesters are in the minority and the
bulk of the complaints will be from the contesters themselves.  This
sorta suggests that you can eliminate ALL of the complaints by just 
getting rid of the contests, but that is beyond the scope of this document.

The best approach is to take a tip from K1KI.  Get yourself one of those
compuserve addresses like 000674534.23423 at compuserve.com so nobody can 
tell who you are.  Then, NEVER let on that you are listening to the 
reflector.  If you post just one message, people will assume that you
are listening to everything and if they mention in a PS that they think
you should change the starting time of the contest by an hour, they will
expect you to respond.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the 
contest-sponsor-gab-line at yoyodyne.com reflector.  This is a private 
reflector for contest log checkers where we poke fun at the logs we check.

73  Tree  N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

>From Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at arrl.org  Fri Sep  1 19:03:00 1995
From: Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 14:03:00 EDT
Subject: K0SF CUP: GOOD NEWS !
Message-ID: <30474B0F at arrl.org>

Good news on your hearing Steve!

Feel free to use this testimony in any way you see fit.

  My personal leisure pastime is Amateur Radio (mainly contesting), and I 
happen to live next to a small lake in Central Connecticut. (In fact, my 
rear property line is legally defined as the lake itself.) My home is in a 
fairly dense residential area, and my lot is 100 feet wide by 460 feet deep, 
(plus a few hundred feet of lake beyond.) The lake is in full view from the 
Amateur Radio antenna sites in my back yard.

  My 45-foot-tall Amateur Radio tower is located 100 feet in back of my 
home, and the tower base is 20 feet in elevation above a wetlands area that 
transitions into the lake, the actual shore of which is some 50 to 100 feet 
away. (The lake has a mildly jagged shoreline.) A small tribander is at the 
top of the (non-guyed, self-supporting) tower.  My 80-meter (1/4-wave) wire 
vertical is nearly in the swamp-land, and some of it's wire radials 
terminate in pools of water.  A horizontal low-band wire antenna is strung 
from nearby trees. Several ropes help support both the vertical and 
horizontal antennas.

  The wetlands directly below my tower site are full of red-wing black 
birds, and many other common species of bird. On occasion, a heron will be 
sighted along the shores of, or among the lily pads in, the lake.  Flights 
of duck are common visitors to the lake, and flocks of geese circle the lake 
near sunset, both settling down on the lake as daylight fades.  The geese, 
and duck spend the night in the wetlands, hidden among the flora and fauna. 

  Hawks often visit the lake, circling above, no doubt looking for a meal. 
 For the past two winters, an owl has taken up residence somewhere on the 
lake shore--and hooting eerily echo's across the lake on a still winters 

  In the 2.5 years I have lived with this idyllic setting, I have seen no 
evidence on bird-killls due to my tower, or the antenna mounted on the 
tower.  I've never seen a dead bird underneath my horizontal wire antenna, 
which graces the branches of several trees. My vertical antenna hangs in the 
clear, from a high overhead pine branch, and again, I've never found any 
dead birds near it.  I've never found a dead bird on any portion of my 
property for that matter.

  It is my sincere belief that my next-door neighbors house cats kill more 
small animals than any other possible "hazard" in my immediate neighborhood. 
I have found dead mice on my property, and I've seen the cat stalking a 
chipmunk that lives under my front walkway.  Ham radio antennas don't seem 
to be a life-threatening hazard for the wildlife in "my neck of the woods."

Sincere best regards,
Glenn Swanson, KB1GW
27 Lakeview Blvd.
Avon, CT 06001
>From: Steve Fraasch
>To: CQ-Contest
>Subject: K0SF CUP: GOOD NEWS !
>Date: Friday, September 01, 1995 10:50AM

>To All:
>I agree use of the contest reflector should be reserved for contesting,
>but this topic seemed to be of great interest to many, and relevant to
>First off, as of 9:45 CDT, 31 Aug, the Corcoran, MN city council
>Pardon the pun:  Us "birds of a feather" need to stick together on tower
>Legal action may pursued in court, but we're ready.
>Very 73 and again thanks for the wonderful testimony,
>Steve Fraasch, K0SF

>From Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at mcimail.com  Fri Sep  1 05:23:00 1995
From: Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at mcimail.com (Matthew S. Trott)
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95 23:23 EST
Subject: Dead Boids
Message-ID: <54950901042345/0007288678PJ4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Mo (On golf course): "Let's go shoot some birdies."

Curly (looking skyward): "I don't see any boids."

Mo conks Curly on head

Curly: "Oh, look at the grouse, look at the grouse!"

--All seriousness aside sounds like said city council makes about as much sense
as the operator manning the RUN station during the multi-single operation who
had a "Don't call me I'll call you" attitude. 

aa7bg at mcimail.com

>From Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com>  Fri Sep  1 19:18:25 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 11:18:25 -0700
Subject: NCJ Sprint
Message-ID: <199509011818.LAA14316 at cascade.cmicro.com>

Just a reminder about the upcoming NCJ Sprints.  The CW Sprint is on the 
9th (10th UTC) and the SSB sprint is the Saturday afterwards.  They are
at 00Z for four hours.

Teams may be registered via E-Mail.  CW teams to tree at cmicro.com
and SSB teams to K7GM at aoniswan at ecuvm.cis.ecu.edu.

Complete rules are available upon request and return E-mail message.

Tree N6TR
tree at cmirco.com

>From jesposit at sctcorp.com (Joe Esposito)  Fri Sep  1 19:24:00 1995
From: jesposit at sctcorp.com (Joe Esposito) (Joe Esposito)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 95 14:24 EDT
Subject: Contest QRM
Message-ID: <m0soalQ-0003ZEC at sctladm.sctcorp.com>

How would you like this QRM during a contest? The following was a
newws item in a recent USA Today:


        Henderson - Woodring Fryer, 70, was convicted of harrassing
        neighbor Charles Kissinger, 80, by mounting a bullhorn on his
        home and playing "Reveille", was convicted of harrasment.
        Fryer said he only retaliated because Kissinger's ham radio
        interfered with his appliances... (Charles' call is K4KSI).


Joe, K2YJL/M

>From McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com  Fri Sep  1 19:36:11 1995
From: McCarty, DK 'Dav" <DKMC at chevron.com (McCarty, DK 'Dav)
Date: 01 Sep 1995 11:36:11 PDT
Subject: K0SF CUP: GOOD NEWS !
Message-ID: <CPLAN065.DKMC.612536110095244FCPLAN065 at ION.CHEVRON.COM>

From: McCarty, DK 'David' -DKMC
Subject:  RE: K0SF CUP: GOOD NEWS !
Date: 1995-09-01 13:04



Hurrah!  As a guy involved in the beleaguered chemical industry it's great
to hear of justice prevailing over the loonies.  This is terrific!

My hat is off to you for your perseverance, and to N0BG who, unasked,
stepped forward and put more action into this than the rest of us.  I hope
everyone on this reflector realizes what you were up against, and how easily
they could be facing the same kind of opposition.

Way to go!

Dave K5GN
dkmc at chevron.com

>From john.devoldere at eunet.be (John Devoldere)  Fri Sep  1 21:30:52 1995
From: john.devoldere at eunet.be (John Devoldere) (John Devoldere)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 1995 20:30:52 +0000
Subject: CTSVR vert ical by UNIHAT
Message-ID: <199509012032.WAA17805 at box.eunet.be>

Has anyone tried the CTSVR vertical antenna by UNIHAT (33 ft verical with 17
ft diameter capacity hat and folded wire - type feed arrangement for 160 and

I have modelled the antenna on both 160 and 80. Should anyone have first
hand experience, I will be glad to compare it with the results of my
modelling effort.

Thanks and 73

John, ON4UN

john.devoldere at box.eunet.be  
Call us in all major 1995 contests: OT5T or ON4UN
John Devoldere (ON4UN-AA4OI)
B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

>From Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com>  Fri Sep  1 22:27:02 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at cmicro.com> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 14:27:02 -0700
Subject: NCJ Sprint and low power
Message-ID: <199509012127.OAA15991 at cascade.cmicro.com>

There has been a lot of interest in the low power category in the 
NCJ Sprint.  There are even some who think the whole contest should
be low power (like the NAQP).

I am happy to announce that a significant group of high power top ten
contenders have been convinced to operate low power in the next NCJ CW
Sprint.  This includes stations like KR0Y, N6TR, KM9P, N2IC, K1KI, K5GN,
N6AA, N6TV, WN4KKN, N6ZZ, and K5ZD to name a few.

If you normally operate high power and are interested in trying low 
power, this might be the time to do it!!  

Tree N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

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