ARRL 160 from AA7TF

stuthill at stuthill at
Tue Dec 5 21:57:00 EST 1995

Call used: AA7TF                       ARRL Section or Country: ID  
Category:  Single Operator            Power Category: 150W 

Another operation from micro-station AA7TF.  For my 2 or so hours 
of operation I managed:

39 Q's  78 pts   22 sec's   0 cty   = 1,716 claimed score

As with SS SSB the main challenge and excitement is trying to 
figure out how to get on the air from my "No Antenna CC&R QTH". 
This time I figured I could mount my Butternut HF-2V, with 160m 
coil, on the chimney after the sun went down and then take it down 
again before dawn. What the neighbors can't see, they can't 
complain about. And since a 32' vertical would be noticeable, I had 
to put it up and take it down at night. Of course this plan is 
subject to a few flaws and I ran into two of them. On Friday, when 
I got how from work, it was raining pretty good. Not the type of 
weather one wants to be climbing around in the dark on a cedar 
shake roof. So scratch the first night of the contest. On Saturday 
things dried out and I was able to rig up three 1/4 wave radials 
for the ground plane. I figured the neighbors thought I was on the 
roof rigging up more Christmas lights. (An who knows maybe all 
those light strings did add to the ground plane somewhat.) Of 
course on my small lot the radials were more like bent "L's" than 
straight lines, but it is better than nothing. Come Saturday sunset 
plus 20 minutes up goes the Butternut and after 8 trips up and down 
the ladder to get it tuned it works! I find I have a 2:1 bandwidth 
of about 12 kHz centered on 1815. Not too bad! Unfortunately by the 
time this is done I also notice I am not feeling too well, a cold 
has managed to find its way in past my defenses. So I get on the 
air and manage to work 32 stations in about 1:45 but then throw in 
the towel and go to bed. I get up early the next morning, feeling 
better, and work a few more until I notice it is getting light 
outside. Time to go take the antenna down. Here is where I ran into 
flaw number 2, the wind is blowing pretty good. The HF-2V has a 
pretty good bow in it from the wind, but I know it had better come 
down. And down it comes, actually rather easily, though I am not 
sure I would want to put it up in that kind of wind. 

All in all a really fun contest. I am not a great CW operator but 
this one is easy. My only previous 160 operating at all was during 
the CQ 160 SSB test in early 1995. I made a grand total of 12 Q's 
with a very low dipole. So this effort was a grand improvement. I 
managed to work all sections in W6 and W7 plus MO, CO, BC, and NM. 
Assuming the weather cooperates I will be back on the air in the CQ 
160 contests next year. I think I have figured out how to turn the 
vertical into an inverted L by using one of my talller trees with a 
top part 30-40 feet long. I hope this improves my bandwidth and 
gets my signal out a little more. See you then and thanks all to 
for the Q's I had this time around.

Scott Tuthill/AA7TF stuthill at

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Wed Dec  6 05:40:18 1995
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 19:40:18 -1000
Subject: KL7 in New Jersey
Message-ID: <199512060540.TAA19910 at>

>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 18:39:43 -0800
>From: kp4xs at (Kenneth Ramirez )
>Subject: Re: KL7 in New Jersey
>To: jreid at (Jim Reid)
>  Hello,
>       I have held various DX calls in my amateur years including 
>np4jv,kh2f,and now kp4xs. I live in South Carolina presently. My family 
>lives in Puerto Rico and I go there twice a year to contest. I don't 
>see what the problem is with holding a DX call while in the Continental 
>US. It is not an unfair advantage in a contest since the contest rules
>specifically say the Call sign MUST indicate the DXCC country you are 
>in. Anyone who calls CQ contest with a DX call and does not sign /W2 or 
>portable w or k or whatever is cheating,plain and simple. I got my 
>present call by utilizing the mailing address of my parents. I wanted 
>to get  KP4 call for my future retirement to Puerto Rico.
>73 Ken

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