ARRL 160 WT1O Low Power

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Wed Dec 6 14:29:30 EST 1995

160 Contest - WT1O - EMA Section - Low Power

QSO's: 346
Points: 737
Sections: 53
DX: 11
Score: 47, 168

N4KG Vertical - 3 raised radials @ 5' on 95' Tower
TenTec Omni D

Put out the radials on Wednesday for the contest.  Very impressed by
the ease of working CQ'ing Europeans even with low power.  Tried
calling CQ at European sunrise but no DX responses.  High static crash
levels made for a lot of repeats on calls when CQing.  Quit on Saturday
nite after twice trying to work Europeans who were repeating their
calls over and over only to discover they were answering the deaf ears
of high power CQ's from the midwest. One even tried to work me! 
Question is, how do I get their attention running low power when they
are easily attracted to the high power stations out west who even with
a beverage can't always hear them?

73's Bob WT1O

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Wed Dec  6 20:16:47 1995
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 10:16:47 -1000
Subject: KL7 in New Jersey
Message-ID: <199512062016.KAA26306 at>

Aloha Tony,

Well,  it wasn't really bounced back,  I forwarded your
note on to the contest reflector.  My motive is to try to
"shame" some of the DX call holders on the US main-
land to turn them in for mainland call district calls.
Don't know if it will work,  but might get a few to
at least re-evfaluate their continuing to hold an
Alaskan, Hawaiian or Samoan call from Pennsylvania,  or
some such place!   The chances that they would ever move
back to the DX QTH are nearly always very remote.
With the vanity system soon to be in place,  they can
obtain some very desirable  and long abandoned
mainland calls,  for whatever purpose,  easy for
CW DXing or contesting,  with their initials,  or
whatever might turn them on.

73,   Jim,  AH6NB
73 and Aloha,
Jim Reid, AH6NB (Happily retired on the Island of Kauai)
Hawaii,  USA     Email: jreid at

>From ryansci at (Stephen Reichlyn)  Wed Dec  6 19:54:42 1995
From: ryansci at (Stephen Reichlyn) (Stephen Reichlyn)
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 15:54:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Results-everyday logging survey
Message-ID: <01HYHQW39V7Y8WW9E9 at SUNBELT.NET>

First of all, many thanks for all the replies to my original question 'what
computer program do you use for every day logging purposes'. Many were quite
detailed and i appreciate the observations. The results are as follows (with
some editorial license on comments received):

1. DxBase   28

Most widely used...great comments on capabilities of program...some negative
comments on user-friendliness....several comments regarding poor customer
support/communications/expensive upgrades (to W8ZF: don't shoot the
messenger, Dean).

2. Logic    20

Lots of nice comments.

3. LogPlus (KD7P) 19

Many who have used several different programs mentioned in this survey say
this one is 'hands down' the best of them all....great value for the
money....outstanding customer support and upgrade policy.

4. HyperLog  10

5. AEA LogWindows  7

6. EQF-log  4

7. TurboLog  3

8. SwissLog  3

9. DxLog  2

10. EQF-log  2

11. TotalHam 2

12. Logger  2

13. WB2DNDlog  1

14. DXdesktop  1

15. SPlog  1

16. DXdevil  1

17. Homebrew/spreadsheets  1

All who were using programs other than the top three had positive comments
on their particular choice, basically regarding easse of use, etc.

Thanks again to all for the input...73 Steve AA4V 

>From Danny Eskenazi <k7ss at>  Wed Dec  6 21:28:12 1995
From: Danny Eskenazi <k7ss at> (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 13:28:12 -0800 (PST)
Subject: KR0Y ARRL 160 "score"
Message-ID: <199512062128.NAA16076 at>'ve mentioned the Secret Weapon in contesting and DXing...
For many years I have really believed that one can add impetus to a signal
through the power of will.
I know introducing anything "fuzzy and warm and new age" will really start a
range war on here,
so suffice it say....there is  a certain "energy" that one can add to his
calling that can make a difference
in a pileup or in CQing....some may just call in enthusiasm...but I think
one can even add more to the 

nuff said.... KR0Y really let the cat out of the bag on that one!!!!
now everyone knows...

73 de K7SS

( to make CW more energetic is another question for another day... ha)

At 12:27 PM 12/6/95 -0700, you wrote:
>>  OFFICE MEMO         KR0Y ARRL 160 "score"                 Date:  12/4/95
>>Operated about 3 hours. Surprisingly easy to find a hole to CQ "ON".
>>Jeff  KR0Y
>Like a lightbulb, the old brain suddenly clicked on.  The black hole is not
>real, it is just a state of mind.  The problem is that when we, the whiners
>and complainers,  find a hole, we CQ "IN" it, and if we would just CQ "ON"
>it we wouldn't be down at the bottom of the pile.  From now on I am going to
>take a more enlightened stance.  Instead of being "propagationally
>challenged" I will think positive thoughts.  We are wonderfully "absorption
>73  John  W0UN  (no longer "in a hole" now, happily, "on top of a hole")
>John Brosnahan  
>La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA
>voice 970-284-6602            fax 970-284-0979           email broz at

>From Hans Brakob <71111.260 at>  Wed Dec  6 21:59:59 1995
From: Hans Brakob <71111.260 at> (Hans Brakob)
Date: 06 Dec 95 16:59:59 EST
Subject: FCC's answers 610V
Message-ID: <951206215958_71111.260_EHM54-1 at CompuServe.COM>

KN5H's "direct from the horse" info about mid-Jan notwithstanding, those of you
who have SASE's on file at ARRL for the 610V (and supporting forms/instructions)
can expect to receive them by the end of next week.  

All the forms went to the ARRL printer Monday, and requests on hand at ARRL
(several thousand of them) will be filled immediately after the ink is dry.
(Maybe FCC has a slower printer or perhaps the "canned response desk" is running
on old info.)

The FCC has NOT yet announced any dates for opening of the various gates, so the
forms cannot be submitted at this time.

In the meantime, if you just can't wait (even though there is as yet nothing you
can do with the form) you may retrieve the form immediately from the FCC by one
of two electronic means:

1. FAX on request. Call 202-418-0177 from a FAX machine and follow the
instructions. You can skip past the index and go directly to requesting the form
(select option 2 from the keypad). The form number is "006108" and consists of 6

2. WWW. Go to, click on "Form610V" and
follow the instructions. This option is not for the bandwidth-limited (it's
apparently a BIG file), but those able to take advantage of it will be rewarded
with the same 6 pages that are available by FAX.

73, de Hans, K0HB

>From k3lr <k3lr at>  Wed Dec  6 22:13:53 1995
From: k3lr <k3lr at> (k3lr)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 17:13:53 -0500
Subject: ANC and CQ Contest
Message-ID: <199512062213.RAA11469 at>

The last message about the ANC-4 convinced me.  It'll be here Monday.
I'll let you know how it works for me.

In proofing ad copy for the new magazine CQ Contest, I saw what one
inside page looks like. It is impressive!  If you haven't signed up
for it by now, get on the phone to CQ and sign up. As they say just
KNOW THE CODE 800-853-9797.

No, I don't work for CQ.  Although it would be nice, an office next to
K1AR would be fine...   If not how about K1AR's 20 meter frequency
during the next CQWW DX contest?!

Tim K3LR

k3lr at

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