Attracting new blood

WX9E at WX9E at
Wed Dec 6 17:13:53 EST 1995

If you had your own column in a new contest magazine that 
was aimed at getting new hams, whether they be young or old, 
male or female,  into contesting, what would you write about? 
What are some ways you can think of to get new hams 
interested in the sport?

I have over 70 stations / people world wide that have 
volunteered their time to help these new comers by letting 
them join multi-ops or letting them op the not so serious 
contests, like the 10m test this weekend, the NAQPs and the like.  The
problem is that not too many people have taken 
advantage of it for whatever reason.  Can you think ways to
get people to take advantage of this opportunity?


Paul  WX9E

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